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  1. Thats it we use ours most weeks n have a good laff with them i give him rabbits n when I gave up my shotguns he was just getting his ticket so gave him my cartridges etc , when I got married he did me a 4 tear pork pie cake sat on a wheel of cheese and would not take a penny for it
  2. Both hobs gone to a pet home today a shame as they would of made good workers , still they have gone to a good home
  3. He let it out did one lap of his yard then buggerd off ha , strange as it was tame as out in his house following him every were
  4. My littel lad ( he's 2 ) has just seen this and is devastated that some one has picked a green tomato ha ha ha all summer iv been drumming in to him only pick the red ones lol
  5. Yes he'd done a grand job with them fed on flesh and well handled Iv kept them for 2 weeks to make sure there tame , I would keep them but iv to meany and not have the work for them all
  6. I charged £80 a half for the lamb I will of just about covered costs , but no way will of covered my time
  7. Iv some lambs abit behind ( the pet lambs kids bottle fed ) i could push a load of cake at um and maybe make them catch up but instead I will over winter them and let them grow with the grass in spring i,
  8. Its spot on They are on organic feilds with different grasses herbs and weeds we do feed a tiny bit of cake just to keep them tame and kids love to feed um
  9. Some one has brought me back 2 hobs I breed this summer due to work commitments, both sandy and tame won't make massive hobs , from working stock east Yorkshire, prefer them to go together, £20 the pair ( £10 each for me kids )
  10. Potting shed or West end cafe ,
  11. Sewell on the go bp garage??
  12. What ice cream do you use? If your ever in East Yorkshire try some burgess icecream ,
  13. Be interesting to see if it pairs up with one
  14. That Cheep no alcoholic beer is from alidi n the best iv found it fills a need ha , am only doing it because the wife said I couldn't do it ,,
  15. Only a few more months then I been sober a year
  16. My bro told me about this but I did not believe him , Who is going to flush a tank and lines in-between agricultural and construction? , be loads n loads of diesel for sale in drums ha What about people with ride on diesel mowers N who is going to police it all ?
  17. My mate has hand reared a baby wood pigeon its a cool little thing fallows him every were , he keeps a few pet racers n fan tails to am wondering if it will pair up with one of them?? Any one herd of it happening before?
  18. Some bits from the garden this morning kids n my lads ferret helped ha
  19. The bloke in charge of the salt gritting on our council was called Mr Skidmore! Cant make it up !
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