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  1. give you for the ferret finder and collar mate
  2. what you after in a swap like mate ?
  3. thanks lads i have had a word with the lad there and he said its out of kenny halls jerry out of dave seers tyke out of indie line or some thing like that lol
  4. you got any pics [bANNED TEXT]
  5. was just woundering if anybodey knows anyting about ringo lines in saluki its just i am not into saluki names and breeding of them and i got a new bitch about 4 month ago and the fella i got her off told me she was 3/4 saluki 1/4 grey x lynperry whippet blue dog are the lines any good any info would do hear is a pic of the bitch she is about 26 month now and 22 tts http://i1192.photobu...2011763_1-2.jpg thanks bambey
  6. nice dogs mate and good pics mate what camera do you use
  7. chartpolski mate i got the size ov the dog rong on my post today mate it is 4-5 month old but it is 17-18 tts it is just i have not seen the pup for about a month or so will try and get a up to date pic up tomoz to show you mate
  8. yeh chartpolski i do have a lot to learn still because you have to start somewhere dont you if every one new everything it would just be a lot off ppl like you out there trying to kock ppl and put them down all i asked was what you thourt was in the dog all you had to do was give me a answer and fallow buck he would have walked away if he did not like it but the thing was he dose like it and he is happey with it
  9. yeh in the pic the dog is about 8 week old only put that pic on so you could see the eyes io was going on about and when he went to buy the dog both the sire a dam where ment to be there but when he got there they where not and he was no going to go do a 3-4 houre car trip each way with his son to go get him a pup and come back with f?ck all mate
  10. thanks for letting me no lads and foxing machine he is gunna be a big dog mate he is only 4 to 5 month old and is 12 -13 tts
  11. ok thanks mate so the eye can come from bull as well then this is what i wanted to know because one of the lads i no was saying you cannot get that type of eye off any bull cross
  12. would like to know what you think is in this pup it is my brothers he got it as a pup he did not see the sire or the dam he got told when he got it it was hafe bull and hafe greyhound but the eye makes me think it has collie in it but i have been told you can get the odd eyes out of the bull so i would like to no what you think atb bambey
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