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  1. What I've found is if you start them out in the field when they at the age of about 3/4/5 months old out for a walk ,at the report of the shotgun as long as it's a single shot they won't bolt off like they will when they get older . If they are effected by the report a young pup will return to you for safety, if they begin to be effected badly I rest them at home for several months otherwise it begins to become a deep-seated problem, that may well stay with them for their whole lives . My whippet x greyhound "Carla"
  2. The best of the feckn best lads ,the real deal ,love carl lol
  3. They say you never miss something until it's gone .....isn't that so damn true.
  4. Having reached the golden years, where I am now receiving some of my tax money back, I too have given thought to my retirement & what that might look like for me. My plan was letting my lot (dogs)age and fall off the perch one by one. However, of late I noticed an add-on the net about some hound puppies. I kept a keen eye on the add, noting the price dropping in stages over a couple of weeks. I looked and ponded, & decided since there is only the one breeder of that breed here in New Zealand, it was now or never. This was a twofold decision, one deciding if I wanted to pass over some
  5. To be frank, I'd be more worried about RCD, it keeps on killing for many years. You start to notice that a few rabbits are getting about, then they just disappear overnight it would seem. The virus can wait, for up to a year, down a rabbit warren, for a host to return. It can be carried on footwear & clothing only adds to how effective its spread can be. The silent death.
  6. That's a great story, riohog, all players were in the right place at the very right time.
  7. Wow lazy pricks,mine painted my house in a single day .....while i took a siesta.....mmm the good life
  8. That is because we are, who we are, I get less game than I did when I was much younger but that isn't my style these days .If a dog misses its target I just deliver a pat & say ,"Nice try now come on fella we will get it next time" .The Talley's no longer hold any value for me ,these days its all about enjoyment ,spending my time very carefully. Strange as it might seem, at this much slower level /pace I'm rewarded more and gain simple pleasure doing less .I know the dogs I own very well ,I spend most days walking /working the dogs and find I don't judge them as hard as I once did, they a
  9. Interesting reading for any dog owner YOUR DOG IS NOT A BABY Today's culture is absolutely ruining dogs. People are treating their dogs like people, and no matter how much you say it, or what you think, they're not kids, they're dogs... A predator with forty-two teeth on the head and a bite pressure that can break bones. They deserve to be treated like dogs! Somehow treating your dog like a dog has become a taboo topic and it's because of today's mentality. Can't say no to a dog. I can't go out with a dog in cold weather. Can't let a dog get muddy. Can't giv
  10. There is a whole lot of truth in that sir, only understood by those who have traveled that path.
  11. Yes Tomo two stone lighter .... a vasectomy buck I call a Vazza
  12. Our so called wild ferrets all at one time came from domestic ferrets that had escaped or had been lost in the early 1900s.We have managed to get our stock from those ferrets . Once they were commonly kept by many to help feed huge families in tuff times, but these days that's no longer required & hunting rabbits holds no interest to our outdoor hunters ,they have bigger game animals to chase .Those that keep ferrets could be counted on two hands now however that's not a bad thing as it requires landowners who are having trouble with rabbits to pay for some form of control. Taking into acc
  13. Over a long number of years the rabbit population within the 100,0000 acres I rabbit on has been dropping ,though at times I questioned if I would be able to " break the back of em". I used a number of different methods & anything else I could think of ,at the time to just get the days work done .Rabbits were nearly everywhere & in good numbers ,once I started ops I found that each area had what Id term a core & the general area was then populated from there .Sadly these days I don't get enough rabbits to feed a couple of ferrets .The best I've done so far this year is 6 for the
  14. Yes only two and how much longer I don't know ,due to this pest free b/s .They must also be "fixed" ,you are not allowed to breed them ,swop them or give them away to others .There is always ....a ...way ...
  15. While for the most part I use Jill's ,my favorite to use all year round is a cut buck .A the moment I don't have one but I plan on having a young colored buck I "found" back in Nov cut in a couple of weeks time. Last winter I sadly was down to having only the one ferret left ,a nice Jill, however I reached out to some mates that Id helped in the passed and they came to my aid, so I've now got a number to break in this winter ,remembering that one is only allowed two ,so that's all I've got ..... really ....true .....
  16. Some of you lads are much funnier than you realize............ or is it just a form of sickness....
  17. I like his good strong legs & he has a better nose than one would expect. He's about 6 years old now & didn't have the best start in life. After being beaten as a pup , he bolted & found himself in the dog pound .The breeder heard of his plight & after payee the pound fee ,asked if Id be keen on taking him on .I mentioned that I wasn't keen on taking on older dogs or covering the pound fee only to find out later he wasn't suitable .The breeder stressed that no moneys needed to be passed on straight away ,I could take the dog for 3 months if he didn't work out all I needed to
  18. I've had some Jill's, when taken out of heat via a vasectomised hob, start to pull other Jill's in the same cage, back into the nest box .Once the other Jill has broken away or escaped out of the box ,she goes after it & begins the whole cycle again. The "nesting" Jill acts like they are her kits & is at the time full noise chattering.
  19. This is my fella ,"Jett" Sire was a ex- track Greyhound ,Dam was a wirehair Pointer.
  20. he's not happy, not happy at all AW!!
  21. Any rip in that general area, would of resulted in my dog, taken to the vet .That area of a dog is tricky with the outer skin ripped such as yours was ,the plumping only has a thin but tuff interlayer protecting the lower intestines ,any infection in this area could kill a otherwise healthy dog in a matter of hours so Personally, I think you made the right choice. Regards licking, any dog that wont leave the wound alone, and is always licking, can cause the wound to become wet and soft and that hampers the healing process. What you want to happen is for the dog to keep the wound clean &
  22. The skin on the inside of a dogs leg is paper thin & rips easy.Its rare that at least one of my running dogs isn't sporting a rip from barbwire ,I hate the damn stuff ,most of my hunting clothes' has rips by barbwire .I usual just leave the wound on a smooth coated dog to heal by its self ,one that has a hairy coat I shave the hair around the wound,thats all .Its an area that a dog can lick & clean the wound ,recovery usually takes a couple of weeks before they are ready to get back out there.
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