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  1. When my albinos change their coats ,the color is snow white ,given a few months and the color of any bucks is then a light shit yellow .Now that's slightly different from the pissy stain orange, and monkey piss yellow .lol
  2. A interesting overview sir ,and I would have to agree, the first 3 inches coupled to speedy or physically gifted dog is one that gets the job done ,no matter where that might be .A dog that's knocked up all the time ,while breath taking to watch, quickly becomes a liability ,due to huge amounts of time spent out of action .As the saying goes "time is money" and since I also make my living off ,the backs of my dogs ,I need them out in the field for me to do so ,anything less doesn't work for me ,nor does huge vet bills . .
  3. I have found that by & large sea fish pull lots more string than our fresh water trout ,with them its all about the brain ,tricking them ,even if they fall off ,is the whole purpose for me ,also they look nice with different pattern spots on each fish .
  4. I bred my whippet over a PB Irish Terrier bitch & we kept and ran a couple of off spring ,they were nice dogs but failed to be a inprovement on the parents .
  5. To all the goodie dogs out there ,some still here ,others long gone ,to them I tip my hat ,you have my respect ,job well done .Now Im done posted enough for at least two months .......later TB
  6. Im a believer in those coats now after trailing them for a couple of weeks ,great for thin skinned running dogs ,they just love warm .Unsually I spend time and effort just before the winter placing straw in every kennel along with sacks over the door but it never lasts more than a couple of weeks & sacks eaten arent a owners friend .
  7. The fawn dog with the pricked ears between the two brindle hounds was a bull kelpie & was killed by the black boar above .Since we chose not to carry a firearm we had to have enough dogs to get the job done as at times the pack would be spit and chasing two pigs at the same time .A old boar with good tusks that I thought was dead ,waited untill I reached down and grabbed my hand and bit the end of my trigger finger down to the bone and pulled it almost off ,the end was left hanging there with just the bone poking out ,a quick repair job with the dog gear saw a couple more pigs caught ,lat
  8. Big steep thick country ,the pigs were sharp in this country ,they had to be ,as each weekend there would be a party of hunters ,armed with their permit looking for them ,once started the bigger pigs would run down around and back over their own track ,at times they ran for miles ,they had to get smart fast or die.
  9. This big old forestry boar jumped off the bank pictures behind me ,landing in the middle of a road ,ripping his bottom lip and jaw back to eye level and knocked himself out for 5 minute's, and lay in the middle of the logging road. A couple of dogs followed him over but were unhurt .Once he came to it was battle on again ,until I arrived and used my knife .The big black dog,( Bull Mastiff x )died after his battle with a good boar single handed out of hearing, late in the day. He wasn't wearing a tracking collar ,so since we had no clue as to his whereabouts & it had become dark ,we decide
  10. My son only came out pighunting twice ,once when he was 7 years old then when he was 27 ,he as pictured gave it a good effort while I cut a track ,making sure there was nothing that could cause one to trip up ,at times we would carry a pig for hours ,usually up hill ,that sorted the men from the boys ,but it was just a form of madness that takes over us when we are involed on our sport .We all do it period ,you guys digging holes for hours just to get a coney ,now thats madness .lol .The last picture speaks volumns ,but it would happen again the next weekend .Years of this has left me with a
  11. Aussie is the home of the wild pig for sure ,unmatched numbers of pigs .
  12. A boar that killed one of my dogs & crippled another
  13. Be interesting to see the results of such a cross JD.WHP are one of the breeds of dog that hold my interest .
  14. Why the bloody hell do the good ones die early when the average potlicker has no lucky escapes & lives to old age ,its a question Ive yet to find a answer too Aussie whip.
  15. That was up in the open country of the Mckenzie basin before the RHD came here ,I doubt they had seen a running dog ,the only dogs encounted would of been just pets walked up the river bed while their lazy owners drove alongside in their motor ,even so he was making hard work of by days end .I didnt know if that was some feat or not ,at the time it was just a fact & still is .About the only comment I can make now is what a feckn fool I was to onsell him .Im gutted because I dont have a picture of him .
  16. Back 35 odd years ago, I brought a 8 month old small pure bred whippet dog ,grey in color ,with wee ears that grew no hair due to a what we term here, a hall fost when he was a pup .The owner ,a rabbitter had sadly passed & his friend was tidying up all the loose ends ,so the wee dog had to be rehomed .He had been, at that point, very lightly started over ferrets I was told.I paid the asking price of $400 nz or about 200 BPs on the condistion that If the dog didnt suit I could bring him back at any stage .I re started him at about 14 months & over the next 3 years he acounted for load
  17. some bloke on bloke action for dc ,its a dirty bussiness but somebodys got to do it
  18. All of my pictures show you,the unknown people that Im one of the many that enjoys the great outdoors,it does not make me better than the next personnor does it atest to me knowing more than anyone else ,its simply just a record of my enjoyment .I came to realize many years ago that no matter what color ,age or country we are found in ,we may not be all the same on the outside,but we all want the same things from our choosen sport ,these pages are a great place to share our opinions ,the highs and the lows .....its what makes us human ... ......
  19. Not as big as those fish but yes we get sea runners ,they can be found in good numbers and in a range of sizes at certain times of the year as they enter the river systems .There is a canal system up in the Mckenzie country that has several fish farms located on them & its these waters that hold truely huge wild browns ,rainbows and escaped salmon.All feed on the lost fish pellets,a big type of olive water snail and bullies found in huge numbers there .I use to go and target those fish and my PB was a rainbow, that weighted 33lbs but since Ive mastered those waterways as much as I want t
  20. Above is the river below my house ,during winter river levels changes after the floods & the river bottom shifts ,so each spring when the new season starts in oct the level at most of my fishing spots is different .The lower Mataura is well known for its format of pools ,ripples, pools, ripples, that is found in the lower reaches of this great water way ,that incudles the water below home .When a hatch starts the fish stack up in the ripples or skinnie water to feed on the flies and its there that Id like to target them with a beadhead nymph & a piece of dry white sheeps wool .At tim
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