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  1. s.e.s.k.u

    RIP Tegan

    RIP Tegan.. a fine tribute
  2. s.e.s.k.u

    Mooching Dog

    Always 100%
  3. s.e.s.k.u

    Mooching Dog

    Yes mate she’s been a real good en for me.. just turned 5 so hopefully plenty life in her yet
  4. s.e.s.k.u

    Hobs for Jobs

    Great photos
  5. s.e.s.k.u

    Cocker pups

    Hello all I’m looking at buying a cocker bitch pup this year but haven’t a clue where to start in searching, I’ve been beating a fair bit this past season and took my parents cocker bitch and really enjoyed it even though the dog wasn’t from working stock she took to it and we both enjoyed it. As well as ferreting I do a bit of bushing with the terriers to lurchers and I think a cocker will do well for me and I’ll not have to worry about her going to ground etc.. i would also consider an older bitch that hasn’t made the grade but would do a job for what I need...as long as stop and recall is sound If anyone could point me in the right direction or any advice that’d be much appreciated .. thanks sesku
  6. s.e.s.k.u

    6 weeks to 6 months

    Nice mate... looks like my collie x
  7. Managed to get 3 today, 1 dig and a couple nice runs for dog and also lost 1 ..young Jill doing great goes about the job with no fuss , back out in the morning for a few hopefully
  8. Just bought some more nets off netrigger.. great quality
  9. s.e.s.k.u

    Couple hours out this morning

    Same story here, I haven’t had good numbers this season but enough to keep us ticking over ...
  10. s.e.s.k.u

    New perms at the end of the season

    Just be thankful that it has.. a chance to fill the freezer for the off season
  11. s.e.s.k.u

    One short of a dozen....

    Good day Archie Scary I bet katchum but I bet the hosing down bit wa piss funny
  12. s.e.s.k.u

    Couple hours out this morning

    Yes mate he loves it ..had an hour out this morning bagged a couple and school holidays this week so same again in morning hopefully
  13. s.e.s.k.u

    Couple hours out this morning

    She is mate..cheers
  14. Great stuff I’ll give you a follow on YouTube
  15. s.e.s.k.u

    Jill jab

    Try abbey vets Barnsley
  16. s.e.s.k.u

    Hob vasectomy cost???

    £60 last week... abbey vets Barnsley
  17. s.e.s.k.u

    Few hours out today.

    Hard work them places .. still got a few though
  18. s.e.s.k.u


    Hasn’t had an effect on this hob... he was flying around his hutch a couple hours after the operation and has been hyper as ever since...
  19. s.e.s.k.u


    Dropped hob at the vets this morning for vasectomy... Abbey vets at Barnsley £60 anyone any idea how long before I’ll be able to work him again? Typical just had a call about some rats at the allotments.. had a good day there in October...
  20. s.e.s.k.u

    First time ferreting

    Great stuff
  21. s.e.s.k.u


    Healing up nicely... only had op a week ago , hopefully should be right for a little trip out at the weekend ..
  22. s.e.s.k.u

    miss me little marker

    Low numbers this year by me.. would be a waste of time without a marking dog ..
  23. s.e.s.k.u

    Couple of pup

    Smart pup..best of luck with him
  24. s.e.s.k.u


    Cheers socks
  25. s.e.s.k.u

    Bellman and flint

    View Advert Bellman and flint Box and collar for sale.. the collar is 2 year old and the box is just over 12 month old .. in excellent condition. Advertiser s.e.s.k.u Date 31/01/18 Price £290.00 Category Other Fieldsports Equipment