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  1. Yes mate my mistake ... she’s getting better with age .. how’s your bitch doing mate
  2. Mate she’s been everything I’ve wanted in a lurcher.. mooching and ferreting she excels ... not quick enough for long ears on her own but had a few and seems to enjoy the odd fox but not done enough to brag about. Super obedient and any weather never seen her dither. Great pet and guard dog too . I think she’ll be 6years old in spring so hopefully still many of years left to enjoy her.. mainly ferreting now for me and her . Atb Dave
  3. Can’t beat it ... If I ever win the lottery ......
  4. few pics from today... Took the lad up with us today.. and with the better weather we managed to bolt a fair few for mates Harris hawk.. finished the morning on 8 healthy rabbits.. happy days
  5. Something with a decent coat... nowt worse than seeing a dog shivering its arse off on a hillside..
  6. Yes mate she’s grand .. it was mates permission today and no dogs allowed unfortunately.. we would have had a bigger bag with her today
  7. Headed up North Yorkshire this morning managed a few hours before rain stopped play.. took my Hob and a couple of Jills and all 3 did well especially one of last years kits that I’d got off Flacko.. dug her 5 times and she had to work hard for the rabbits. finished the day doing a few squirrels in some woodland with mates Harris.. quality day
  8. Looks a nice spot ..Thanks for sharing.. I guess this forum isn’t what it used to be, a lot of good posts of days out don’t even get a reply by the looks of things..
  9. Looking for a Jill to add to our growing team, I’m in pontefract area but willing to travel.. must be working stock thanks
  10. RIP Tegan.. a fine tribute
  11. Yes mate she’s been a real good en for me.. just turned 5 so hopefully plenty life in her yet
  12. Hello all I’m looking at buying a cocker bitch pup this year but haven’t a clue where to start in searching, I’ve been beating a fair bit this past season and took my parents cocker bitch and really enjoyed it even though the dog wasn’t from working stock she took to it and we both enjoyed it. As well as ferreting I do a bit of bushing with the terriers to lurchers and I think a cocker will do well for me and I’ll not have to worry about her going to ground etc.. i would also consider an older bitch that hasn’t made the grade but would do a job for what I need...as long as stop and recall is sound If anyone could point me in the right direction or any advice that’d be much appreciated .. thanks sesku
  13. Nice mate... looks like my collie x
  14. Just bought some more nets off netrigger.. great quality
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