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  1. All still about hard grafted but this site sort of went down hill as far as working terriers goes, if a man puts up a picture of a terrier that shall we say has seen a lot of work he gets slated and when he puts up one that hasn't seen much he still gets slated saying dog not working lol,hard to win
  2. No offense but one swallow doesn't make a summer.
  3. They will get no punishment because they won't be caught, yeah the dogs might turn up and for the mans sake I hope they do but the b*****ds that took them won't be got they never are. I can nearly guarantee you that them dogs are on a halting site somewhere and at this stage probably scattered about, I know as I searched for my own for almost a year and never traced them, they can move them so fast even over the water in a matter of hours.
  4. Bitch I dug yesterday, going on 9 year old and still working to a high level
  5. I agree with you and respect you for trying to keep your bedlingtons for work purposes and not show or money orientated, and you are correct, a lot of black dogs are bred nowadays just for profit, working ability doesn't come into it, it's a shame that people can actually f**k up years of breeding for a few pounds, and I've heard recently that there is talk of the patterdale being recognized by the kc, that will really f**k the breed up.
  6. I know several kennels of black dogs and there has been nothing mixed with them in years of breeding, they don't need to, the black terrier has all it takes to make an earth dog, agree some have gone mad and x them with bull blood and other stuff but them same dogs had to be lacking to start with. The line I keep has had nothing added to it in 60 year from the man that bred them and the men that bred the original stuff, I don't believe they used anything either, why fix something that's not broke . The bedlington and border and all them other types have all been f****d up by the kc club I kno
  7. This is the problem imo,people thinking every f***ing breed of a terrier will work,bollox.right there are certain times a freak Will pop up and be a good worker, could be anything from yorkie to cairn to f***ing French bulldog but try breeding these freaks to produce more workers look at the amount of shite that gona get bred and still not a worker, ok border still some good borders about, not about me though and I can't say I know of any, bedlingtons never seen a good one, seen a video of that Rambo dog and it was shit, but look at the amount of good proven black dogs are about and Russell's
  8. Its the terrier game full stop Chesney, all bs,lies and jealousy
  9. Reminds me of dogs we had 40 odd years ago, love the one on the right
  10. Who was down that area Chesney, a lot of people in and out of that yard with the business ml is in,anyone would have known them birds were there plus more than likely know the dogs are there aswell, people knew for years that Alan kept the birds, it's happened all over the country, we had birds taken a few weeks ago, the birds are a favourite for the travellers, always have been.
  11. That came from o b ,chap that owned the birds along with ml.
  12. Yeah I know what your saying but a lot of dogs are taken to be moved on it happened mine and the c**ts that took them were not into digging ,lurchers yes but terriers no.the amount of dogs being taken at the minute is unbelievable and as you say a lot of c**ts know where there going but you will always have that, it's very hard to catch up with your dogs if its members of the travellers that are involved ,they can move them so quickly across the country or the water in hours,I've been told that's where them birds ended up, seemingly lads over from UK to there for the weekend, only thing is to
  13. A lot of the dogs taken are not by digging men just taken to sell
  14. Just saying what I seen and the earlier dogs were not the smooth little bull headed things like pugs that's about nowadays they had a sort of broken coat and were way stronger, also and no offense to Brian as he is a gentleman to speak with but when selling dogs he seemed to have 2 different types, one for a certain market and the other for digging lads.
  15. I'd rather see pictures of working dogs than pictures of posers supposed to be working. Sometimes the pics can be a bit graphic but that's the style the dogs work in and you can't change that, no one can make a terrier go to ground and you can't make them work the way we would like when they do,some hard others sounded,bayers, the thing I find amusing is other terrier men bringing attention on the pictures by all the negative comments, if you don't like it just scroll by and don't comment.
  16. Seen a couple supposed to be wheeler bred and can't say they impressed, one was with lads from UK on a weekend digging trip. There full on terriers that like to be in charge but if they don't get there own way different story,then again I also seen another dog whom I'd heard and read a lot about in edrd and when seen in the flesh he was also a disappointment or maybe it was the animal in front of him that made him look bad, either way we didn't dig the dog.
  17. My digging mate had a beddyxfell about 20 year ago, he was a good fox dog to ground and an extremely good dog to push foxes out of cover, bred over in the west, mayo if memory serves me right, but he was probably a one of.
  18. Lol no,that pic was 30 year ago with a bad camera
  19. About 30 year ago, bitch on right was 3 quarter lakey,quarter border, brilliant fox bitch, bitch on the left killed every fox she got to, she had a nack of killing them.
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