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  1. Scarface you are right in what you say about a lot of lads would have nothing only for these men,but ac didn't do like tp and put his dogs across any bitch that was brought to him,in fact I actually was standing beside him at a show one day when a chap asked for a service and ac replied by asking what the bitch was doing work wise,when the chap replied ac reclined the offer of a service, it was all down to standard's with ac,nothing else, work always came first, he did sell pups and parted with a couple of old dogs,blitz/soldier being one but as far as he was concerned the dogs digging days we
  2. Who are you referring to as the nan himself, if its ac then no he didn't although a lot of pups were sold by using his name he actually only sold a couple and also gifted a couple and the men that got them can verify this,I think there were 2 different lads in USA, got 4 pups
  3. The Teddy dog when it went back to tp from what I've been told seen very little work either, but then again that's just hear say,I do know that Ted was also used on a lot of bitchs but they only really clicked when a bitch of his own blood was took to him. Was it not his wife that kept the Wheaton for show and breeding.
  4. Yes he was never worked after tp got him,served a lot of bitchs.
  5. I was told she was owned by a man from bray a mate if mine dug over her several times, he also had a brother to Teddy, lost on a dig in kildare, my mate dug with cm at the time
  6. I believe Teddy was reared and started by a man from portlaoise now since passed away, he was good mates with tp, reared a few dogs for him and got them started.
  7. Nigger was left in Kildare by ac after a hard dig,ac couldn't bring him back with him and awhile after that tp bought the dog from another man who had him at the time.
  8. Still loads of lads at it ,week in week out and not in it for fame or money like a lot of the so called big dog men. When you listen to lads biggin up terriers and then 6 months later ask how a certain dog is doing and the turn around and say ,oh I sold that dog wasn't for me,didn't like the way it worked, bollox,it's all about Money to them.
  9. Already told you I'm digging with the same lad over 25 years and another chap that came back from America a few year ago,haven't a clue as to who your on about and as for that little dog he was the business, several good men seen him dug to both over here and in England. The dog was down of peelers poker dog and a nuttal bitch but what would you know, with your French bull xs
  10. I asked a simple question as there is none of that blood about me and who this man is that I hunt with that has it,well enlighten me as I'm digging with the same lad the last 25 years and apart from him an odd invite, now act your age ,no need for the sarcasm.
  11. I asked a simple question, nothing malicious about it,wasn't or am not trying to offend anybody. There is none of that particular blood up my end and another man just by coincidence brought up the dealer dog in conversation so I just asked was there any of that blood still on the go as its been a long time since I actually heard or seen it mentioned on here or anywhere else,also it's a working dog forum,questions will be asked.
  12. 2nd week of February we pull the plug, I think myself its only right, in fairness people that hunt on into march are only killing there own sport. Keepers and such well they have a job to do and a vixen feeding cubs can do a lot of damage around pens but your ordinary terrier lad imo should show respect for the quarry he hunts.
  13. I remember that video,can anyone say what age the dog was when he died and when he died
  14. Had the pleasure of meeting Mr.nuttal on a couple of occasions and he was a true gentleman, may he rip
  15. All still about hard grafted but this site sort of went down hill as far as working terriers goes, if a man puts up a picture of a terrier that shall we say has seen a lot of work he gets slated and when he puts up one that hasn't seen much he still gets slated saying dog not working lol,hard to win
  16. No offense but one swallow doesn't make a summer.
  17. They will get no punishment because they won't be caught, yeah the dogs might turn up and for the mans sake I hope they do but the b*****ds that took them won't be got they never are. I can nearly guarantee you that them dogs are on a halting site somewhere and at this stage probably scattered about, I know as I searched for my own for almost a year and never traced them, they can move them so fast even over the water in a matter of hours.
  18. Bitch I dug yesterday, going on 9 year old and still working to a high level
  19. I agree with you and respect you for trying to keep your bedlingtons for work purposes and not show or money orientated, and you are correct, a lot of black dogs are bred nowadays just for profit, working ability doesn't come into it, it's a shame that people can actually f**k up years of breeding for a few pounds, and I've heard recently that there is talk of the patterdale being recognized by the kc, that will really f**k the breed up.
  20. I know several kennels of black dogs and there has been nothing mixed with them in years of breeding, they don't need to, the black terrier has all it takes to make an earth dog, agree some have gone mad and x them with bull blood and other stuff but them same dogs had to be lacking to start with. The line I keep has had nothing added to it in 60 year from the man that bred them and the men that bred the original stuff, I don't believe they used anything either, why fix something that's not broke . The bedlington and border and all them other types have all been f****d up by the kc club I kno
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