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  1. yeah i shot a mixi within 5 minutes of finishing the boundarys tour of my new perm. for this time of year the fleas were horrendous! Had to use a stick to hedge the poor bugger as i didnt wanna get anywhere near that many.
  2. ah good stuff cheers guys. they dont really bother me as my hunting gear stays in the van where the rabbits and game bag go. just dont want to fill the house with em. ill prob hang them and wash them next day before skinning. garage stays very cool in the summer when the lean to gets hot. i normally night shoot so i cba skinning on the back of the van at like 2 in the morning prob end up skinning my own hand first
  3. what do you guys do with the rabbits when they have fleas... last few ive shot have had next to none so ive not been too bothered. this one musta had 20-30 fleas so ive left it hanging in my conservatory (well.....lean to more than a conservatory) overnight as its pretty near freezing in there hoping the fleas will bugger off so i can skin it without getting covered. Also rabbit fleas and cats.....is my wife gonna bitch at me for giving the cat fleas? posted here as i couldnt find a section on rabbits
  4. weather dampened the idea of going out so i never took the springer out. with regards to range im having to take some longer shots at 45-50yards + nearly every time as thats the only cover i have and the ground condition arent the quietest at the moment! But there is a section as you enter the field where if you creep around you get a 20-30 yard rabbit nearly every time. many eyes in the bramble warrens at night as well so might be the place to setup for a couple of hours with the springer. Need to scrap some money from under the sofa to get mildots on both rifles though for the longer sh
  5. Ive got a .22 gamo vermint stalker thats sat gathering dust at the moment. Thing is with my only permission at the moment im tempted to take it out. its a small one at 10acres with all the rabbits in one spot essentially. very skittish bunch. once you hit/miss the first shot its very rare they come out again for a while so the 10 shot pcp hatsan doesnt really get used to its full potential. considering taking the springer out for a session tomorrow instead for the initial shoot on the ones who sit around to greet me and then swapping out to the hatsan for sitting and waiting for them to reappe
  6. Thats the thing. id checked the zero beforehand. thats why i think ive knocked the scope or something without realising it :\ couldnt understand how i was missing as i have a good eye and tight groupings. and at the distance i missed i was miffed! i only took the shot when the body was side on to me so if i missed it would go over or under the head. im not a risk taker id rather not shoot if im not confident be pretty gutted if i wounded something and couldnt cleanly kill it. as for the lanny side of things its a guy with a small collection of old vehicles. the rabbits like that field of
  7. got onto the permission at dusk. wandering around the 10 acre field trying to see if the activity was in the same place as it was the other day when i scoped it it out. First rabbit at the top of the field 30-35 yards, pulled trigger, complete miss WTF?! okay so i sat there quietly and readied up, another one came and sat in the same spot. squeeked the head up, pulled trigger...MISS?! so at this point i setup on a piece of card at 30 yards to check my zero. must have knocked the scope as i was hitting 3-4" above POA. few shots off and corrected that. walked down the field to l
  8. Yeah I have insurance with basa already. They have a handy section on the back of the letter to put your permission details on with your rifle types and serial numbers on the front. Should be encouraging for other land owners to see
  9. Like these ones? MTI4ODM3MzYyMDcwNDkzNjYy.jpg Lmao! I can try and turn some rabbits into them but I doubt Im not very good at sewing!
  10. didn't even have to ask permission, was trying to find a piece of land to rent to do target shooting and was offered a 10acre field with plenty of potential hopping around all the time. cleared to hunt day and night and go as i please. Result! been a long time since ive hunted with a rifle but the targets have gotten boring now. Running a .22 gamo vermite stalker and now a new Hatsan .177 at44-10x which is an amazing rifle (noone can complain as i have both calibre aswel!) hopefully ill be putting some bag photos up friday morning after i have my first shoot there
  11. Hey guys finally signed up rather than lurking in the backgrounds. Done a bit of hunting when I was younger only recently got an air rifle again. Currently got a gamo varmite stalker .22 Seems I've run into the same problem as metal detecting with all no's when asking for permission to shoot rabbits etc so don't know if the rifle will ever leave its bag! The joys of being 24 and looking 12 puts people off I think. Either way it's an interesting forum and I'm eager to learn more about hunting
  12. How would you even go about finding and acre or two of rough land? Any land around me to rent is all grazing horse land at 1200 per year not 75
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