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  1. No he wasent a member .... but us being decent folk we went to help and dug his dog for him... we would not any lad struggle ..we will always try our best to help....
  2. To be honest the dog should have never been put in an earth like that ...the lad had only had it a few weeks. . The dog had been passed about few times as few lads ther claimed they owned it at one point... the dog was 12 year old... the kid wasent fit to own a dog...as last time the fell and moorland came and dug his dog out on A live railway..he hadent even put a coller on the dam thing
  3. That spot it is deep but you can generally hear your dog.. takes a good dog to get them outta ther buddy ...how’s your young dog coming on
  4. Bitch found another but no terrier
  5. Must admit you were good on the rope and buckit
  6. Did you even get in the hole id done half of it before you landed was easy sand when you turned up was rock hard first bit
  7. You coming then .. I’ve sorted something to help us all out next time we do it
  8. 3 years on the bounce ratface we dug that place we gonna make 4 this season ther is some kick out to it now
  9. Nice dog Adam feels strange as I’ve marked quite a few in the rocks but no terrier to run them... never not had a rock dog before but next year be ok hopefully lol
  10. New team .. two young pups an a adult .. roll on next season really missed not working the rocks last season ,, dident really think I’d be without rock dog or a lurcher mad how shit happens
  11. Then why put another dog in an dig it when they wanted away
  12. So why dident he put the dog in again ..to say the dog did well when ther nothing in front of it is mental..
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