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  1. Any lurcher pups about mainly lamping but consider all rounders must be broken/rough coat cheers
  2. I lost my dog he was the same breeding beddy whippet cross with collie greyhound outstanding dog got in very well
  3. Any beddy/collie x lurcher litters coming up. I’m in Kent but will travel. Cheers
  4. What’s people’s opinions on ones made out of blocks
  5. Anyone ever had any luck with plastic drains
  6. Known few lads to use them reckon they ok I’ve only used with ferrets myself .
  7. Anyone got any lurched/terrier books. Darcy, chapman, buck etc cheers
  8. Anyone got any books for sale darcy, chapman, buck etc cheers
  9. any of the boys of here been abroad for bit of work might take me self of this summer
  10. is anyone on that pre loved, i need a number but you gotta be a member to have it
  11. Am after a guard dog if anyone has one for sale must be around 6 month, must be kennelled. After alsation really but will consider others close to kent as possible
  12. does china jack ring a bell to anyone
  13. sort of trotters i like lol
  14. dont know how many of you on here are into ya trotters, if you are put some pics up, just getting back into them again
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