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  1. Yep still getting calls for wasps , cold and wet will bring the rats/mice in now..
  2. Loved it when they said he could fire the 50 cal and the target was.. a German bmw car just pure class..
  3. You knocking um over trunk dogs looking well...
  4. Well I only young at 46 but my left knee is giving me soom stick today but just ploded on glad I have a bit of permission it does help..
  5. Brings back memories I learned to shot with one just like that..
  6. Hot water cold water rotate between both..
  7. I liked the loom of this litter when the first post went up..
  8. I keep my eyes open I work around that area hope you get the dog back ..atb
  9. Sleeping giants it's like a modern day kes..
  10. Better being out then sat in the house 9 not to bad..
  11. If your getting a shotgun out of the rack and then a professional gun tutor tells you its a bad fit how on earth can you be up set, ffs man get a grip you spend peanuts what did you think you was getting a custom made Purdy ...lol
  12. You making it yourself or buying it in ..??
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