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  1. Everywhere I look is out of stock! Does anyone know where I can get one of these, possibly two. Thanks for any response in advance.
  2. I'm looking to buy a rotary pigeon decoy but there seems a big difference in price? Can anyone recommend a good one and what features are useful?.... also where from? thanks.
  3. agree that its a real struggle to keep them out no matter what you do. If they end up in the house in an attempt to get back into the loft or simply come from the loft down.......everything will be shredded. Once that happens your house owner will be asking you where to buy a gun and all moralistic animal saving traits will be gone!!
  4. people always compare kids being brought up by gays to being neglected by druggies.....errr that's not actually the option, sure anyone would say that's better but it aint better than the norm which is to bring kids up with normal hetro parents. TV just tries to portray that its all normal because the bbc is run by blo@dy gays.
  5. Honersberie Shooting ground just beyond Leamington. Very friendly indeed. No stuffiness or snobbery. I have lessons with a chap called Edward and he is brilliant. Might be a bit far for you. Get six lessons for 350 quid. You need to have a batch and go every week to make progress. No point in leaving it a month inbetween.
  6. As a fairly newby to 22 r/f i was out last weekend doing some target practice. Having successfully zeroed at 25m (half inch grpup) i went out to 50m but my grouping was appauling. It was consistently to the right of the bull. I had a cross wind and it was pretty blustery day from left to right so am hoping it is down to wind. Does the wind realy have that much effect though?
  7. hi, silly question but do clays rot away after a while. I have some scrubland that I may get permission on and just wanted to be ready for the question especially if they do rot away as it will help my case!!
  8. Wanting to buy an electric trap for the back of the defender so i can set up and shoot some clays while running it from the landy battery. Anyone recommend a trap? Not mounted in the back, just transported in the back! Thanks.
  9. So, i have a dozen decoys, just fixed ground jobbies and wondered what best would pull the bordies in....flappers, bouncers or rotaries, any ideas folk??? Thanks
  10. Cabinets are just too small as soon as you start putting scoped rofles in them. Anyone know where i can get an decent extra deep one from please.? Not too pricey!
  11. Think i agree to an extent but i have very long arms and having invested 350 quid in six lessons i wanted to make sure i didnt pick up bad habits that would be an isue if i buy a gun the right size!
  12. Its a reminder to everyone to remove the mods thats for sure.
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