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  1. novice

    we had a call of one of our farmer s

    I'm aware of their status. The colouring on a lot of those birds very consistent...
  2. novice

    we had a call of one of our farmer s

    Are the majority of those "ferals" not stock doves? Looks like it from the photo. Novice
  3. Do you think the ticks had something to do with its condition or was there another obvious reason? Novice
  4. novice

    Black Fallow Buck

    Thanks for the reply Beast. Not something I've come across before.
  5. novice

    Black Fallow Buck

    Surely the reduced size is a strong indicator of inbreeding, rather then evidence of any specific strain? I know of a captive herd in Cumbria that are similar, weedy little things, mainly as nutrition and culling has been historically neglected. I believe things have improved more recently though. Novice
  6. novice

    Fenn Trap On Shaugh Bridge

    Was it just set out in the open?
  7. novice

    Shark Fishing

    What species if tuna? Interesting to hear there's a few about. Would have thought they'd have been scooped up by the commercial lit, intentionally or otherwise. Novice
  8. novice

    Skull Identification

    Any history to it? Whereabouts in the country is it from? Novice
  9. novice

    Silly Season

    Did they just let the crop grow round it? Looked like a fresh stubble field as I drove past at 69mph Novice
  10. novice

    Silly Season

    Anyone owning up to the green and silver Subaru legacy stuck up to its axles on a stubble field right up against the M40 just south of the Chiltern gap... Novice
  11. novice

    Go On Vinnie Lol

    Pretty sure I've seen similar pics on another forum recently which were taken abroad following a driven hunt specifically for fox. I presume those numbers are achievable if enough forestry is pushed out, especially where the fox are controlled otherwise. He's certainly got the right response if he was on the windup. Novice
  12. novice

    Nice Little Write Up.

    Recently borrowed a copy of his mink trapping DVD. A cracking piece of work, really useful information. Novice
  13. Possums. Released as a feral and built up to plague proportions. Got a couple of interesting books by fellas who used to make good money trapping them for the fur trade back in the day. Novice
  14. novice

    Missing Lurcher Bitch

    Dalby forest area? Novice
  15. novice


    Just weighed it. 2lb9oz, which I understand is about average for an adult male mink. Very surprised as it's a very big animal. I'd love to see and handle something a lb or more bigger, must be very impressive. Although it's possible this one would have been a fair bit heavier in the autumn after a good summer's feeding. Thankfully he won't get that opportunity anymore. Novice