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  1. Wanted View Advert Anyone breeding genuine plummer terriers in Ireland please? Dog or bitch considered. Advertiser bannerboy Date 13/05/20 Price Category Working Terriers  
  2. They were caught in meath out of season and a pregnant doe.
  3. I was over in England at a wedding in May.We were staying in the Northhumberland/Durham area. I could not believe the amount of rabbits up those hills. Wish we had them here. Hats off to you your dogs lads.
  4. Sounds like your going to have a nice terrier, id rather that than an ankle licker!!!
  5. Cocker very good posts my friend, just a question, I have heard of people making their dogs sick so they can clear their stomaches of bile, have you ever done this?? Is feeding meat regularly hard on a dogs digestive system??
  6. Give him at least 6 hours to digest, imagine running yourself on a full stomach!!
  7. Well said p3d, finally someone with common sense comments
  8. I have read most of plummers books and I have to say he is my favourite author, as has already been said I think he laughed at a lot of people in the working dog world and who could blame him?? Also my neighbour had a plummer for the last 5 years and it was one of the most impressive dogs iv ever seen above and below ground. He lost him last winter in a massive earth, this dog had to be dug out everytime as he stayed to the bitter end.It was his undoing in the end.
  9. Anyone hear anything about 3 fellas being fined for illegal hare coursing in Meath recently?? A fella said it to me but I havent seen anything in the papers.
  10. Seen a wrecking crew dvd in the last few days.I thought a few of their dogs gave up a bit easy and after a few minutes I had to hit the mute button.
  11. Good sensible posts by blitz and fox digger.No one is denying their guts but not a dog for a novice.Also id say we re agreed it best to buy a pup and socialise it from the start
  12. Lads I bought a pure pit bull back in 2000.I had worked in New York the previous summer and seen some beautiful specimens over there so I decided Id get one the first chance I got.Anyhow found myself a nice litter and i got the pick.At the time I had 2 very good hunting bitches(jack russells).He was raised with these 2.From 3 months old he was following these 2 into ditches ratting rabbiting etc....This dog had no hunting pedigree that his owner could remember of but I can safely say he was one of the best hunting dogs iv ever had the pleasure of owning.Nose was as good as the bitches but what
  13. Not worth the hassle me thinks lad and lassies.When he does breed (eventually) he ll probably cull what he or his mates dont need
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