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  1. Unfortunately she lost them on Wednesday


    1. tinytiger


       Sorry to hear that

  2. yeh I feel really fortunate to have them, they are equally as impressive on the ground too. Looking forward to seeing how the pups turn out..
  3. Totally agree with that foxdropper, very satisfying being able to keep some close to home.
  4. Not sure whether I should register the pedigree of the pups from these two or not, be it for money or be it for maintaining the lines, let's see what the experts have to say...
  5. trim.B29D6586-8A05-4609-8C66-44800C0928F7.MOV
  6. trim.FF5ABE1A-210F-4E6C-89F8-FD797A4BA482.MOV
  7. Wow.... strong opinions guys, take it you don't want a pup then lol.
  8. Vinci and storm helping me dismantle the old shed
  9. Sorry not too familiar with this site, I've figured out how to find someone....
  10. Ok so how do I contact plucky, It's very doubtful that she has been served by something else, the guy I bought the pair from was well in the sticks and the only reason he got rid was because of a motorbike accident. You can see their pedigree on another post ' Plummer breeding'..
  11. Recently purchased a cracking pair of plumbers who mated during the trip home from where I collected them. Storm is now 4 weeks in pup, how do I get her pups registered when they arrive in November?
  12. New to having pups, how do I register my pedigree plummers