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  1. 3,426 posts and your shy :laugh: :tongue2: atvbjimmy :thumbs: yes
  2. My name is Craig and im very shy
  3. Ive been around for YEARS doin this shit .........................But this guy knows his stuff !!!!!!!! how are ya old pal , hows family and life goin for ya ? Hows me Julie n Carol ?
  4. T20 is Infa red LED ( doubler , doubles the throw ) Doubler lens on the photon , and youre easy into yds clear pic
  5. Ive had 2 , their ace mate , get a doubler on it and a T20 doubler IR , cant be beaten for the money IMHO
  6. http://www.microglobe.co.uk/yukon-advanced-optics-photon-xt-46x42-s-digital-nv-riflescope-p-11673.html
  7. Best thing for a photon is a doubler , lens cap trick , and T20 doubler , fkin great bit of kit !!
  8. I was actually washing and weighing pellets when he rang me ..... So there hahaha
  9. Saw a very clear print 9 days ago , on a farm in Stafforshire
  10. i can smell pussy from afar ..................... ok i`ll get me coat lmfao
  11. Nice mucka tell him to brush his teeth , i can smell em on fb
  12. Its ok Mucka , any time Tell Brows to get his finger out , they aint for polishin , their for shootin !!!
  13. Just wanna say thats not a pop at ya , we've all been caught with our pants down at some point . PM me any details , pics ect , ill circulate them through the rapid lads n forums
  14. Hate to state the obvious , and i do feel for you , BUT , this is just another reason for the Anti gun / tree hugers to have a bit of a celabratory dance . Should be more careful mate
  15. Buster321c

    Big Cats

    Ok , so we are many across this country , we see the countryside for what its worth . How many of you have had a `whisper` of big cats that are about ? This is a genuine question , as i have a relatively local game keeper friend that was informed by the local plod of 3 sightings in one night in a certain area . He phoned me that night and relayed the story . And i can back it up ......
  16. 100% you`ll get some pants back in with the post ,,,,,,,,,,,,, l always seem to
  17. Got a shit load of logun prems if u want some to try ..............
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