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  1. common problem with them mine was the same need to build the back mount up slightly . best way is with adjustable mounts or i have heard people using a bit of tin from a tin of pop of some camera film . something thin basically .. adjustable mounts are the best option .. i bought some cheap one piece adjustable mounts off e bay works a treat now ... good luck
  2. I saw he had the story of the attack on that facebook page but didn't look like any one had donated anything hardly any interest in his story . he is also a member of rabbit hunters nationwide on facebook as well but i couldn't get to decembers posts to see if the story was there and if he had had any donations ...
  3. well done gents ,great too see the young one so happy ....good shooting ..
  4. check out northeast ferreters on facebook .. he is on there ... I didn't donate to him as i am out of work at the moment , but if i was like i have been for the last 20 years i would have donated ... I have been tempted too join the the group on facebook to tell them all about him but feel i have no grounds too . plus he hasn't said if it's true or not .. but IMO it looks dodgy a f**k .... hope you guys WHO DID DONATE do the decent thing and get all over this group and find out if he is genuine or a charlatan .... because reading and following this thread i was overwhelmed by YOUR SUPPORT fo
  5. i'm on top of them now not many coming back . i thought about putting some traps down , but i'm having too much fun shooting them
  6. I suppose they'll be heard before they're seen .. but like you say plenty of good ground for them to fit in and hide away .. live in hope i suppose ...
  7. when i bought mine it came with the yellow tool , look how many of us have recommended them too you . we are not trying to give you bad advice they work well ...
  8. lets get out ...to hell with europe ..
  9. You would soon feel the pain doing that with 30+ rabbits ... Not to mention how long it would take ........faster than using a knife mate, but some bucks are tough lol takes a good old squeeze to do it but works a treat .
  10. Remember shooting a 303 in air cadets as a very small 14 year old , first time i ever shot it scared the life out of me and bloody hurt like hell . we were shooting 10 rounds and i only shot about 3 and said no more lol ..but once i had a few tips about how to hold it properly i enjoyed it then , we used to lie prone to shoot it and 10 rounds would push me back about 18 inches to 2 foot lol .. must have only weighed about 6 stone then i was a real small kid ...
  11. No what is it a thread on here or a novel ? never heard of it ...
  12. I love it great bit of sport , and such a horrible and hated quarry as well .. had my fx 2000 for years i'll never sell it . hoping to get fac one day then i can tune it and add it ..
  13. Last night killed my 20th rat , these are just the ones that have been visiting my chicken coop and helping themselves to the chicken feed . I find it so satisfying shooting these horrible creatures especially when they're costing me money ... i was using the hw 100 kt .177 to dispatch them but recently i've put the photon on my fx 2000 .22 and it does an equally great job of killing them . Me 20 rats 0
  14. I personally think it's a bit too early for AJ , he is the best prospect about and hit's hard .. but whyte wobbled him allthough he came through it well .. i haven't seen martin fight . can't wait to watch it though .. britain is the place too be for boxing . we've never been so strong .. love it ...
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