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  1. looks like he would have been a very handy dog pre ban in the right hands. good luck with him.
  2. Huwidge


    expecting farmers to help pay for badger vaccinations. absolute joke i say. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-23421173
  3. So how would you double it? Easier said than done...
  4. help to buy my self my own milking parlour. would do anything to get my own herd of dairy cows and get milking. 10k wouldnt get me anywhere though
  5. uni finished for a whole 12 months! back to the farm for some hard graft

  6. you will have a job to fit him down the hole mate. might be a bit big
  7. got to agree. if you dig it up just to let it go you dont have a leg to stand on when Mr Townie comes along and says its cruel because your only doing it for your own pleasure imo. either do the job properly or dont do it at all. too many people take the sport to heart it's not a job,,,,,, it's a HOBBY,,,,, you don't shoot yourself on the foot for the next time when hunting and if you do kill/shoot all try put back in what you take out it keeps the circle going your never going to dig to every single fox in the are in one winter anyway are you? If you were out with the terriers
  8. got to agree. if you dig it up just to let it go you dont have a leg to stand on when Mr Townie comes along and says its cruel because your only doing it for your own pleasure imo. either do the job properly or dont do it at all.
  9. hes about the same. maybe slightly smaller but hes doing the job just fine
  10. i have seen this pic of a hunt sab attacking a follower of the hunt floating around quite a bit. needs a good clack himself
  11. his brother hasn't disappointed either.
  12. been waiting for you to post a pic of him up for months ha! he looks in good shape mate
  13. one of the most ridiculous statements I have ever read on this site.
  14. its funny you say that, didnt see any sign of his wife in that video..
  15. could try and tie a toy doll around his neck for a week?
  16. To be fair I haven't read enough of the evidence/alternatives to reducing bTB to debate the suggestions your making BUT taking on board the areas you've highlighted such as spreading slurry and animal husbandry why would it make sense to spend even more money vaccinating a pest species rather than culling? Badgers are a pest species? Where is that stated? What pest activity do they carry out? Why would it make more sense to wipe out a species that has perfectly adequate vaccine to prevent the individual becoming a host or transport? Under that argument anyone with a common cold sho
  17. hutch6 you seem to have far to much love for this pest. it will only end in tears for you when a cull is put in place.
  18. nice looking dog mate, my collie x that I have now I had him when he was about 5 year old. took a few months to bond with the dog but after that hes just as loyal and listens just as good as the pup i have had from 7 weeks old. hope she does you well.
  19. take a look at his other videos. the guy is a nutter. there's one video when he grabs a fox out of an old tree trunk and it bites him and he just shrugs it off. nutter.
  20. last exam of the week in a couple of hours, then back home to see the muts. ideal

    1. Born Hunter
    2. Huwidge


      thanks, maths...my favourite!! :(

  21. most recent one of mine. mine is the brindle deer/grey/bull just over 2 year old now. my mate owns the bitch on the left, she is 18 month now and proving to be a very good bitch.
  22. I'd say that you will learn less with a ready made dog first time around. Get a collie x pup and bring it on the same way you would a gun dog from day one and you will learn together. Success is not a destination, but the quality of the journey fair enough thats your opinion, but I can honestly say with the lack of experience I had when starting out I would not have been able to bring up a pup as well as I have done after owning that first collie x i have.
  23. if you are new to the game and looking for a dog to learn with I would recommend a dog that has had a few seasons under its belt that know what its doing. my first dog was a whippet collie grey and was about 5/6 years old when I got him and he has taught me most of what i know now. Rescuing a dog seems like a good thing to do but its a big risk to take if you want to work the dog because if its a lurcher type dog in the rescue center in the first place there might be a reason why its there to start with. (jacked with previous owner) Thats just my opinion but good luck in whatever you decide t
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