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    Ferreting. Coursing Netting anyrhing that involves Hunting the land cars iis just an add on lol
  1. Grub lol few foxes and stuf i know few a few hot spots and permision on a farm of land no transport at minuet
  2. lol ha true like ive a we [BANNED TEXT] who got a fox with a torch
  3. Dont waste your mony on anything biger unless your lamping 40 acre field I had a strikeforce sold it to brigt scares game away. Wouldent yse anything else
  4. 24 have a we bitch good rabbiter County Down N ireland
  5. Light cover hedge rows ditches etc must be working and working well. I dont do bogs thanks NORTHERN IRELAND
  6. Needs to work well with lurcher and ready to do light cover hedge rows etc What do i need
  7. Lamp or not ankle killing me

  8. HaHa Lol Wild init Lost licence so no traveling for mee
  9. I heard a guy was attacked from behind other nite calling in a fox.. Whats the latest on these groups of mugs
  10. Was there a blue mearl in the littre. And did it go to ireland. How much for this dog is it a bull grey colly
  11. Haave u got lamp sold. Where about are you
  12. Is she motd and taxed. How many miles what year. And where bouts r ye
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