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  1. Hi, long story short I've inherited a 5 year old springer with no training at all. I have been working at the basics and she's coming along quite well. I decided to join a gundog training club and attend the obedience class they offer. First session was great and went over all the basics etc, second lesson I stood in a field and watched other peoples' dogs doing retrievals for 40 mins before doing 15 mins of heel work and sit/stays. Seemed like a bit of a waste of time and money. They offer other classes specifically for field training at different levels but this was specifically an obedien
  2. as the title says, If anyone has lost either it might be worth speaking to the police regarding this... www.thecomet.net/news/ferrets_dogs_and_power_tools_from_north_herts_found_in_travellers_site_raid_1_3819445
  3. hi im looking to gain insight into both terrier and lurcher work, haven't got a dog of my own, just doing research for when i do, based in southampton. thanks
  4. would EBT's not have impaired vision? speaking from experience mine have all had a bit of trouble seeing due to the shape of the eyes, so would never have thought of working them
  5. Sorry lads should've explained, I'm not after a hardcore worker; my job (sailor) and the fact it'll be my first lurcher mean it won't be out and out hunter. The mrs wants a dog and I want to be able to mooch more than anything
  6. ok thanks i'll bare that in mind
  7. ok cheers! as i'm not looking for a balls out hunter, more of a dog to learn with/from, i think a rescue would be better for my circumstances
  8. have you had any problems with rehoming centres regards hunting? or is it best not to mention? also are there any generic traits rescue lurchers may pick up? i.e timidness etc
  9. Hi guys, has anyone got any experience of rescue lurchers? the reason i ask is I'm getting a new dog in January and have seen the high number in kennels. cheers
  10. Ok cheers for the advice lads
  11. Hi guys, Does anyone know of any way of repelling foxes/stopping them crossing your garden? The old boy next door keeps leaving food for them and they pass through my front garden digging it up and the whole area stinks. Thanks in advance
  12. ok thanks for the info guys. Buster at the moment I'm just gathering as much information as i can and haven't thought about breeds as i'll be away for a few months due to work (navy) so it wont be till January that I'll be looking for the dog. hope that makes sense? cheers
  13. hi this might sound like a stupid question but as i know no one who bushes i thought i'd ask on here; is it possible to bush with just one dog? thanks in advance
  14. hi i'm joe just thought i'd say hi and join as i'm looking to find out more about bushing ta
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