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    Pics of some hens with a few young, and one hen sitting at minute. Then last years young stag coming on nicely.
  2. How's everyone going with hatching this year? Had 10 so far just of broodys, got another few sitting on some good clutches I'll get some pics up tomoz to follow.
  3. Ye I couldn't believe it when I switched. Was using a brinsea first then got the rcom and couldn't believe the hatches I was getting best money I've spent on one by far. And like you say pop to set up.
  4. R-com king Suro is what I use cracking bit of Kit had some high hatch rates with it too.
  5. There a cross asil american these ill get some more photos up of a few more and the parents, got one sitting at the mo on a dozen eggs so see how they turn out...
  6. Hi anyone got any spare for sale cheers.
  7. Few pics of last years young in pairs for breeding this year how's everyone doing for breeding so far anyone started yet
  8. Some cracking birds there feller atb...
  9. Nice bit of kit that good luck with it..
  10. Ye it's adrenaline and you end up rushing I'm same ye least they will be there for the next walk
  11. Pair of size 9 fell boots good used condition plenty of wear left in them £65 posted
  12. I missed a pigeon on Sunday went for a head shot and didn't notice a small branch In front let the hex but fly hit the branch which give it enough ricochet to go straight over it's neck I've been splitting cans in half and shooting half at a time with it been a smaller target you have to be more precise with aiming made me a better shot just in a few shots at the smaller target good shooting tho you'll soon have something atb..
  13. Nice shot doing alright at min mate love the catty
  14. Only if your poaching mate if you have permission which everyone does your ok to lamp he just put the poaching quote up but it's illegal to lamp birds that's all he's saying but most take birds before dark when there trying to get to roost!
  15. Stag is under 1 years old bull stag between 1&2 and cock over 2 yrs I think.
  16. the axe is a corker well done interesting pics how you did it to.
  17. Couple of small pike on savage gear lure hopefully get back out this weekend and find the big ones
  18. Nice pens them looking well
  19. Never seen tassles mate be nice to see what there like you got any photos.
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