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  1. Muffed old English game, runner ducks and muskovies
  2. I've been in working and running dogs for 30 years I will know what I want when I see it, don't want bull or wheaten as my personal preference, I want an old school lurcher to lurcher or maybe collie/ kelpie or acd cross
  3. Hi hope this is ok, I'm looking for a pup or youngster upto 6 months, will consider any cross but not bull or wheaten x I'm in Devon but will travel for the right one
  4. I have Darcy's the hare and the swift hound, not sure what it's worth? Copy no0247 of 1000
  5. Been away and out of the game but back now ferreting and longnetting, fishing hope your all well
  6. Lily going blind with catterachs been with me since 6wks staying till the end 15now
  7. Anyone running terrier x whippets not bull or beddie , just curious as had a russel x whippet years ago
  8. Thinking about putting ylh into my muffs
  9. She was supposed to be a 2nd cross Wheaton grey but she's not, more like deer grey saluki snippet good pot filled but didn't do teeth, may go Wheaton x next time not sure yet
  10. Thanks not noticed any difference really, but then not had a real good look around yet
  11. Been out of the game for a while now(working away and family commitment) but toying with the idea of getting back into the frey...old bitch is 15 now done me proud over the years. May start looking for a pup
  12. Back after a long break, hope all's well
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