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  1. Just bomping this back up. I have four pairs for sale. All American made. I will sell them cheap and will do very good price if someone wonts all 4 pairs.
  2. Hi I haven't been on for some time. I have spur for sale if anyone is interested?..... They from own collection. Only the wife says I after cut back. There inch half regulations medium points. Inbox for more details.
  3. hi the blueface avarge around 5lb.... But I crossed them on bomber cock. ( mclean x roundhead ) and it's brought there waights up a lot there topping out @6lb at 11 months
  4. Blue face x bomber stag 11 months won first prize at the show. @6lb
  5. Blue face x bomber 11 months old he won first place tow.. @5-8
  6. Blue face x bomber 11 month old won first prize at the last show. @5lb
  7. Blue face x bomber stag ten months old yellow leg
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