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  1. Mine are Bronson. Big momma.tily. Elsa. Winston lol
  2. Jonny Hayward bred them he tells some great stories bout them
  3. Not these 2 I didn't all pups found new homes me and jess decided on the 1 we defo keeping she here for someone kid to have i can sell her just thought it was right thing to do
  4. We are based Alford Lincolnshire bout 20 ish miles away from skegness
  5. If anyone on here has a kid that is getting into the sport and wants there own dog in future then I'm gifting 1 bitch puppy collie whippet greyhound blk with few white spots me and my daughter kept 2 back till we decided which 1 she wants typical girl lol so as long as others can veri you and your not looking to make ££££ and sell it on and you gen have a child who wants a rabbiting maybe more bitch then let me know first come first gifted
  6. Stunning litter of pups Bronson first cross collie whippet .had many season under his belt lamping ferreting showing Great dog to run and own 23tts very good at his job still running at his youthful age of 8 Layla pure greyhound out of ard flash brothers champ stud dogs I retired Layla due to lack of tracks nr me so brought her home to get out on the lamp and drawing she a quite type till out working then loves her job does all asked of her 28tts and does run for fun I bred for own use to bring dog on for when Bronson hangs his boots up in the field he does deserve nights on sofa A
  7. I've got 2 bitches 1 dog if anyone intrested in New pup
  8. Does anyone monitor this site if so could they look into why a member feels the need to abuse another publicly and thl are allowing this
  9. Thanks for posting them rabbiting man Meet the pups guys
  10. Just giving her few days then will take some
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