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  1. Agree with FM. Also listen at the the entrance, if more than one entrance check them all. This will give you a general direction to start with. Use a long branch to probe the entrance if unsure. Clear the area of cover at the point you suspect. If in an open area it is much easier. Put you ear to the ground and listen. (lie flat) You may feel thumping first depending on the dog. Drop a probe with the bar being careful with the force used. (some people get a bit excited at a dig). Push the probe down 6 to 12 inches( depending on the soil), rotate the bar to enlarge the hole and push again
  2. I think one solution might be to feed the dog by hand for a while. Hold the bowl of food so that the dog is eating standing with his head held up. The lip of the bowl is about 6 inches above the floor for a 10 week old pup. (if you place the bowl on the floor and he gets his head and chest over it, in his head he owns it.) Lower the food bowl to let him eat some food and then raise the bowl to stop him. He will click soon enough that you control the food supply to him. When you are confident, take it the next level, get him to stop eating and take the bowl off him. ATB
  3. I always considered a "Line" to be specific. A "Sire Line" or a "Dam Line" back to a certain dog in the pedigree. As Steve said once you start with a certain Dog "A" you have the potential to keep a line to him. IMO What Mr.Parks got off Mr.Breay was a "Type", he may or may not have kept a line. But he did keep the type. He could do this by selecting different sires with the same type. IMO What Mr.Nuttall did was create a "Strain". Bringing in Staff types,Inbreeding to lock in the new type, selecting for a small size/colour for the American market. Someone gave these strains the n
  4. Things never seem to change. I don't think these people are bad, they are just ignorant. Hunted with an old Farm Worker years ago, He said he could always tell the city boys when they were out on the land. They taught they were out in the wilderness. No respect for the work that was done on a farm. No knowledge of the seasons or crops. No awareness of spraying that may have taken place the day previously. He said a good test was to see them approach a locked six bar gate. They had no idea how to climb over it. (You climb over at the hinge side to avoid straining the gate.) I was a young
  5. Must be a mistake with the breed name under the photo! This is a Patterdale Sorry, wrong photo. (They looked so alike). This is a Patterdale. They probably had not read "The Fell Terrier" so you could not blame them for getting it wrong. ATB
  6. A question for the Lads who know Mr. Nuttall. Does he call his present strain of dogs "Patterdales" strain lol From WORDWEB NOUN: strain A special variety of domesticated animal within a species. "he created a new strain of sheep" Question still stands.
  7. A question for the Lads who know Mr. Nuttall. Does he call his present strain of dogs "Patterdales"
  8. Thanks, They probably will not set the world on fire, but are keeping me busy training them at the moment. What type do you keep yourself.
  9. Have to agree with you there. I also agree with Tearem on everything written except the Bullx being stupid Some are morons but a good one is as good as any terrier. Noticed in the last couple of issues of EDRD some articles which suprised me!! First article was a guy who's wife phoned him in work crying. His terrier had escaped its cage and attacked her. The guy basically thought that the dog was good so he kept him. This guy does not have a kennel, he has a Zoo. Second article was a Terrier that followed some hounds to ground in a large place. The hounds ran from the tube
  10. I take it that you are asking about preparing a terrier for hunting and not training to sit,stay,heel etc.. In my experience/opinion most of the books on terriers are; 1, Stories of digs that particular terriermen have had. They usually take the form of; Went out early Saturday,tried a few earths,dog marked a hole, collared up and left him in. Mixing and baying for 10 minutes,Locater reading was 1.2,Opened up, dog got hold. Dispatched quarry or left run for another day,made good the hole,Well chuffed with dog. 2, Questions that have been answered by known terriermen on
  11. So you fellas know what way the dog is facing before you start to dig then???????????????? Yes. I dug with some great digging lads many years ago, we did not have locaters back then. I learned my trade with them, but have been away from this game for a while. I probably do not have your years experience. Starting back in at the moment and joined a forum like this to learn other methods. My first task is to locate the terrier baying. Second task is to "check" all entrances. Tie off all other dogs within view. Third task is to determine direction of tube. (T-bar) Then plan the
  12. IMO best to keep the spoil below you. Every cubic metre of soil above you adds a tonne weight ready to collapse the trench wall. If you have to move up the tube (more than one at home)you would be tunnelling under the spoil above your head. It is unlikely you would ever have to move back down the tube. On a slope Wood should be OK as any sinking of the backfill as the wood rots would not be a problem. On open meadow where grazing takes place, best to use rocks to bridge, or backfill completely. (close the tube end) Farmers do not like sunken sections where tubes were open. If t
  13. I agree with Neils reply. I am starting two young dogs on approximately 800 acres at the moment, so I know your frustration at finding occupied earths. I know the Fox are on the land. But on your 1500 acres I would imagine there are 2 or 3 occupied earths/territories you have not found yet. I think a good finding dog would be more use to than artificial earths. Try to get a local terrier man with an experienced dog to walk your permission. I think you might be surprised where the earths are! I had a good finding dog years back, would enter deep into cover and find earths that other dogs ha
  14. Good write up, I like your set-up in the back of your truck.
  15. I worked a few of this type cross in the past. But this is just my opinion. If you are lucky enough to get a good one they can be a good addition to any pack. But they will not be any better than other good terriers. The cross will look better on the end of a leash, but that is about all. The extra strong head/bite will only take the dog so far. The extra wide shoulders and weight will hinder the dog far more. If I am reading you correctly you are happy with the type of terrier you already have. They are doing the work you require. If you had planned this cross for some specific rea
  16. Does anyone have old photographs of smooth black dogs, 50's and 60's. Prior to Buck, Breary and Nuttall etc.
  17. Both of my dog are silent. Only ever heard the bitch yap after she had shifted a rabbit out of cover and was chasing it uphill. Frustrated that it was getting away!
  18. I know this post has got away from the original question, but your post is the best response I have seen about this tool. Different tools, methods, people, dogs we are all on the same side.
  19. My Border bitch is progressing well at bushing. She has driven rabbits from cover, Trailed Fox, and is relentless and tireless from start to finish. She is 14 months old now and started tracking at about 6 months, went deeper into cover at about 10 months. The dog will work cover but only if the scent is very hot and tends to stand off listening to her inside. I have to be careful as i have started running both dogs through empty earths in the last month. I hope there bushings days will be coming to an end. ATB
  20. RIP Mr Lee. Hope his dogs of old are there to greet him.
  21. The tool we used was never for around the quarries neck. Once you broke through the tube in front of the terrier was blocked with the spade and the sounder was removed and tied up. If strong dogs were at the dig, they drew the quarry out of the tube into the "trench". First some idea of this trench (not trenching). It was perpendicular to the tube, you had used the T-bar to establish this. The first probe had located exactly were the terrier was in the earth. The second probe was 3/4 feet behind the terrier to establish the direction of the tube. The trench was started, (sod removed a
  22. Would agree with the above. Take your time with him. Unless he is the next "Smithy", you could ruin him. Just my opinion.
  23. I think they are illegal to own under the present laws. Be careful of the people offering them to you. As for there worth, they were a useful tool just like a mattock or shovel.(pre ban) If you did not have a strong dog at the dig, they were the cleanest way to hold and draw before tailing. Like all tools they could be overused. Blacksmiths would make a pair of tongs for a small sum. About £20-£25 back in the 70's if my memory is correct. I cannot imagine that there value would be great today. They were similar to tongs used by them in there work but had pointed ends on the hand
  24. Fine looking Russells, the dog on the left looks like there is some bull back along its breeding.
  25. This is just an honest question, I am not having a go at you. Where do you think the breeding of the smooth Black dogs came from?
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