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  1. "the lion walks on as the monkeys laugh in the trees"

  2. i see trouble ahead..................
  3. agree and the edrd mags before they were called edrd were good aswell nick stevens books not a bad read also johnny blucks
  4. old saying sticks out for you red "those that live in glass houses" how can you do, what you say you do, you live on here ffs,and theres not bin one post or picture of you out doing these numerous rabbits, come on lad shed some light? the dogs that yips could be unfit and is usualy a yip in frustration, as long as the dog has every intention in catching said quarry in my eyes its not a jacker. as for terriers if you get the end result and the terrier hasnt engaged for me thats a good thing as you can use the same dog sooner,a dog that causes you to make numerous drops or keeps showing,
  5. This place reassures me to keep your self to your self

    1. toffee


      same here dont talk to me... ha

  6. poor f****r even pm me i couldnt go further :laugh:
  7. there has bin feck all there from the start mate :laugh: :laugh:
  8. ffs please tell me your not from derby
  9. just looked at all your photo bucket photos.......................nice
  10. why would you want to take it off its a good video
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