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  1. im in sunderland aswell forgot to mention bud
  2. yeah i can cover postage venum that would be really appreciated is it the type that not to gappy ? if you know what i mean and ill have a quick deek on millitary mart thanks mate
  3. any small off cuts that anyone would bewilling to donate me i need a peice around 3ftx3ft ? maybe smaller any help would be much appreciated ?
  4. hi all just wondering if anyone had a small square of ex army cammo style netting approx 3ftx3ft or somthing small like that they would be willing to donate me i cant seem to find any anywhere at that size for for sale i need it for the window of my bushwear pop up one man hide ? any help would be much appreciated and i truly would be very grateful
  5. has anyone got a small peice of scrim/ex army netting say 2ftx3ft approx they wouldnt mind donating me i cant seem to find anywhere that sells peices that small

  6. for me seeing the amount of young lads getting into keepering seems to all be about the destruction of vermin and they think its all just about pulling the trigger for me its working the land creating better drives and habitat for game and the results is seeing guns enjoy there days sport and speak highly of the keepers hard work
  7. archiehood pm'd you buddy thanks a lot I appreciate it lads
  8. afternoon all my .177 air arms s200 has shredded another loading bolt o ring on the pellet probe my local gun shop has closed and i dont drive was just wondering if anyone had a couple spare lying around they would be kind enough to gift a keen young airgunner ?
  9. hey lads just wondering if some people can attach some photos of there fenn boxes and fenn setts, ive built two but have about 8 more to build wanting to do some with the hole cutter on the end of the cordless but not sure what size in mm i need ? any help appreciated
  10. looking for contact details of north east england game farmers cheers
  11. released 750 this season shot 346 46% return this season as said before plenty of feed in the drivers in hoppers and blanking in for drives, we also put a few outside days on which helped dog in and also shoot any birds on the boundaries hopefully next season will be bigger and better looking to release a lot more and already starting work now
  12. bit lost on the door stops like matt but I appreciate your help mate thanks for taking the time to answer my question the best you can just hope someone can show me some photos if not ill just give it a go and play it by ear
  13. yes mate they board of ply is there to stop the doors to spring right up mate im asking about the fitting of the springs like which way do they go just seen a thread saying they should be under tension before there stapled on and also im not sure if the threaded bar should fit snug inside of the spring or be alittle loose
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