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  1. Welcome aboard mate, enjoy the forum
  2. Will do sir, looking forward to using it soon...enjoy yours too fella
  3. I bet those Superformance 58g are absolutely trucking out at about 4000 ft/s...possible ballistic performance similar to a 22-250? I think the 1500's are great rifles and have ordered the Magazine kit for mine too. Enjoy your new rifle Nick
  4. Oaties are good lmao...i figured not trying to look like Rambo or a frustrated commando might be the better option in the long run. I will try some 80grn for sure when im next out with it and will report in accordingly.
  5. I will do exactly that my friend yes, a good kind of porn though
  6. I've heard good things about the Browning A-Bolt3's mate. There is a rumour locally of a Remington 700 receiver with an AI barrel attached lovingly wearing a Tier One stock....that piqued my interest
  7. Thanks Gav, appreciated......308 on the ticket also, no major rush to get that yet though. My mindset around the composite stock was the durability out in the field in adverse weather conditions...as and when that becomes an issue of course
  8. Fox in the short term Stavross, hopefully some deer in the future.....only put about 20 rounds through it yesterday and by heck....243 is a very destructive round given it's size. Vaporises everything it hits practically.
  9. Nice bit of kit there Dave, just picked up a .243 myself....enjoy it fella
  10. Bought this on thursday and had to take it to the range on friday. Using Seller & Belliot 100gr Training rounds and zeroed at 100 yds. Sub 1" MOA and two shots to zero...pretty impressed with this rifle. Has a 1 in 10 twist rate so was told by the guy at the gun shop to put 80gr through it, for better performance. Shooting as it is already i'm not too concerned, but they're worth giving it a go aren't they? Any suggestions people?
  11. Yeah, he will have rattled off a few to get that one shot. Bald Eagles in the UK, room for them in the ecological system isn't there eh? lol
  12. That is an epicly well timed photo if ever I seen one.....he could of told us the outcome though. Did the fox keep it? Did the Eagle get it? Actually, did the Eagle take both??…...Or the Fox take both even?????!!!. Poses more questions than answers Baldcoot
  13. Welcome to the forum
  14. Welcome aboard fella, enjoy the forum
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