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  1. Good work there mister, nice job
  2. Thanks for the advice mate, I will do exactly that yes...thanks again.
  3. I looked at the Tikka T3, may go for that in .243 cal in a month or so. Heard nothing but good things about them. So, the 40grn fed prems grouped well did they ianm?
  4. That's reassuring to hear, not heard anything bad about them from anyone...looking forward to getting it very much, thanks mate
  5. Will look into getting some of those and giving them a go... thanks.
  6. Yes, I get what you mean..i am led to believe the scope that comes with it is the Duplex with the illuminated red dot centre....not my favourite reticule. A change oof glass will be certainly in order ASAP
  7. M0SAD

    An average day

    Enjoyed that, great vid ...cheers
  8. M0SAD

    Pigeons still on the barley.

    That's a good days tally right there, good shooting
  9. M0SAD

    Hello Hunting Life Members

    Welcome to the forum, enjoy
  10. M0SAD

    Venturing into pcp's and HFT

    JSB Exacts are always worth a go. My BSA Ultra SE Cayenne is hardly pellet fussy but definitely favours Exacts in 4.52 flavour. I guess it's the old "Try a few types through your barrel and see what it likes", that's have the fun though. When you find it's favourite pellet you'll be squeezing shots off with total confidence and that's a big part of it as no doubt you already know. Enjoy your rifle fella.
  11. M0SAD

    Venturing into pcp's and HFT

    Great guns mate...i have a few BSA's myself and they get plenty of outings looking for bunnies. Enjoy your rifle bud.
  12. M0SAD


    Welcome to the forum mate
  13. Here you go Deker, not much about it really...but i found it here...... https://www.mcavoyguns.co.uk/contents/en-uk/d579_Howa_rifle_packages.html
  14. That last sentence made me blow tea out of my nose Shovel Leaner, you owe me a teabag and a hobnob...the T-shirt im notr bothered about, it was already full of stains.
  15. Thanks guys, I have heard good things about the Tikka T3X. Some great rifles you have there Stavross and David, love the stainless barrels, maybe I will go that way when I put in for a .308. Sausagedog, reassuring to know that Howa are pretty good, thanks.