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  1. And I am not sure its always for the better, I think there is a tendency to over egg the cake so to speak, I reckon most airgun and rimfire shooters, (myself included) would shoot just as much with a simple fixed power scope, as a fully loaded modern affair. Utterly agree! Whilst I know little about HFT and FT, I have a 3-9X40 Hawke that never leaves X6 magnification and is brilliant. A friend had a Niko Stirling mountmaster 6X40 AO and that's ideal for hunting with a great depth of view.
  2. Both my R10's work fantastically with regulators and my S410 does the same without. All are blisteringly accurate so am happy for the S410 to stay without. I don't use more than 40 shots even if I'm zeroing, so always enough air for the day in any of them.
  3. In the 18 years I've shot an HW77 or HW97, neither has ever let me down. I have lost the springer craft having used PCPs for a while, then had to practice in order to get to a standard I'm happy with again but the rifles remain bang on. I haven't used a springer since before Christmas but took my HW97 out yesterday afternoon and it was just like turning up a dimmer switch after 4 months. Your whole experience changes in to something amazing.
  4. Jack Pyke rucksack with a peddle bin liner in works for me.
  5. As below, heart leads me most when buying! If the quality's right, it feels right and looks right, it's right! HW 77 - Head, it was a gift! HW 97 - Heart and Simon's comments on them. S 410c - Head but now heart HW100 - Heart - no longer with me R10 mk1 - Heart - XTX tuned, head R10 Mk2 - Heart but a gift none the less BSA Lightning - Wife!
  6. PCP would be my XTX tuned R10 .22 and springer would be my 97k, or the 77k in the 97 stock.
  7. I have actually just purchased a rangefinder so this will come in useful.At what distance do you zero for .22 I zero at 27yds which, along with mildots works pretty well for me!
  8. I started with .22 then with .177 after a few years break and then back to .22 and to be honest there is not that much to swapping calibres if you have a range finder or are good with judging distance. From experience, I totally agree with Simon (Pianoman) and now tend to stick to.22.
  9. My wife insisted on me taking a work colleague of hers shooting on her parents farm once years ago. He turned up in all his DPM finest, regaling me with stories of training with his mates who were paras, his hunting exploits and his 'specialist tuned' air gun. I had my Venom tuned HW77 with AA Field, he pulled out his Relum Tornado with Milbro pellets! Still makes me laugh!
  10. Nice work! Picked up 300 acres, 5 mins walk from me yesterday, great feeling!
  11. I had a WTC 3.5 - 10 X 50 on my S410 TDR when I bought it, with a 30 - 30 reticle. At the time I was convinced (wrongly) that mil dot was the only way forward so let it go for practically nothing with the gun. Never replaced the low light quality of the glass.... idiot!
  12. Utterly agree! I have a shotgun and love bashing clays, pigeons and the odd invited driven day, but am most happy sneaking around after squizzers or pigeons with the air rifles.
  13. Hi there. What's your budget mate? The question that all else rest on!
  14. I have had days like yours and sometimes, you have to simply accept those days as par for the course and 6 is better than two!. That said and whilst being mighty impressed, your amazing set up could be the issue. When I decoy pigeons I sit on a shooting cushion, the ground or whatever, with my back upright but against something to lean on like a fence post and without a gun rest.. As the birds come in to land I use a bent thigh to rest my lead arm on and follow them in down the barrel. As soon as they land I can get a reading from a decoy as to how far they are and given a second, releas
  15. I bought hunters about 5 years ago, mistaking tbem for fields. Only recently gave the spare 850 from the two tins I bought to a friend. Not that bad, but not as good as 5.52 Fields in my AA, Weihrauch BSA barrels.
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