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  1. looking for a rifle preferably a 1.77
  2. artesania f.exposito,sa real quality leather and stitch work £ open to any swaps
  3. been lookin at the history off the dalmatian, an in Croatia were there originally from they are used for hunting, an i think could bring sum blood to a running dog
  4. is tha jack on ur avatar a boy?

  5. seen sum american bull crosses advertised not so long ago, an thurt shurly they will be to clumbsy 2run, an it got me thinkin what would be a good cross, ive seen alunt crosses an alsation crosses on hear an was wondering what else is about, was thinkin dalmation could be a good candidate
  6. can i use a rimfire scope on a weihrauchhw80?, ive got a tasco, 4-14x50 mildot scope an was wondering if i could put it on my
  7. av jus been watching them do agillity tests on youtube with the [bANNED TEXT] trainig i think they would make top dogs, an ther abit unusual
  8. Billy was a bulldog x bull and terrier but is widely regarded as "one" of the fathers of the breed. He certainly wasn't a Manchester. http://www.dogbreedinfo.com/manchesterterrier.htm this is the link where i read it like its down in the origin box
  9. The Manchester Terrier is the oldest known terrier breed. Developed as a rat hunter in nineteenth century Manchester, England by a man named John Hulme. It has earned the nickname of "rat terrier" because of it's tenacity at catching rats and mice. It is considered to be the best vermin hunting breed. In a British contest one Manchester named Billy was said to have killed 100 rats in only 6 minutes and 13 seconds.,This is the bit that caught my eye 100 rat's in 6 minits thats some going tha!, thanks 4 the reply
  10. just been lookin threw a few terrier breeds an done a bit of reading on Manchester terriers, look like sharp little dogs jus wondering if anbody on hear works them???
  11. jus uplaoded a few new pics!

    1. davehunter1


      pics ov cats them [bANNED TEXT]

    2. redda09


      u messin yoza ur dogs r meer cats

  12. haha iv changed his name already from 'leo' too 'ladd' me friend has a pup an called it girl so yeno...
  13. hers a few pics ov the cryin lil shit!
  14. thanks for all the replies av called it leo, put sum pics on tomorow FTB!
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