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  1. His name is jessy or joby he don't no his last name moved to Southampton he said
  2. Yea dog went to a brew fumagall first don't not lads name. He gave to
  3. Yea had a agreement that as soon as on feet have him back
  4. Cut long story short loned dog to Somone as I was going throught ruff patch and moving out of x partners house loaned dog to guy then couple months later back on feet with own place to have dog back but find out he loaned to Somone who had took dog and moved tryed everything in trying find dog this is last hope he's a whip grey stands at 25tts and name is blue and 6!years old Reward who can ever tell me where he is as want him back
  5. first cross whipp/grey 25tts takes anything thats put in front of him, nearly 7 and still going strong no major injuries and doesnt tear easy as some say
  6. not on this laptop il take 1 in morning put up for you
  7. i got a whipp/grey first cross here 5 year old throwen to the greyhound size 25tts but very slim works day and night got a heart of a lion takes daytime hare and loves teeth , very fast and agile also his skin is not like paper , has a good nose in daytime hunts up and also marks rabbits and foxes
  8. what time does it start is there a time scheduale for events cheers
  9. Anyone tryed deben tracer lamps out compared to lightforce ones
  10. i gave dog away because me and partner split i live in a top floor flat now nearly 30 miles away and could nt get to her everyday to walk her and x wouldnt do it or look after so i put her up for frre , as she kept the car i carnt go get the dog back
  11. they wont get too far with no phone number on their advert they got phone number got to be a member to see it for first week
  12. i gave this dog to you last week due to my circumstances and now you are selling less than a week for 150 quid , dog peddlar heres the link on preloved http://www.preloved.co.uk/fuseaction-adverts.showadvert/index-1033987748/6616e52f.html SCUM thought she was going to a good working home people be aware
  13. 2mx2m galvanised dog run panels with doors in good condition i have two for sale £100 for both near neath ring 01639 721276
  14. 2mx2m galvanised dog run panels with doors in good condition i have two for sale £100 for both near neath ring 01639 721276
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