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  1. thanks mate ill just have to keep trying
  2. thanks for that there phone must be turned off tho unless its the wrong num lol
  3. hi dont supose some one could get me this number i have tryed getting a full membership but for some reason it wont let me. thaks to anyone who can help this is the add Preloved | fishes for sale in Hull, East Yorkshire
  4. hull i wouldnt try and justify the sale if people want the dog take it on trial they know the price to many just want to pick holes it must off been a hard decision but atleast your doing the best by the dogs i know what your saying it just dose my head in. this is not a disision ive made over night. also about the coment about the dogs could jack first night yes they could and yes they could lose out on £300 but that still works out a hell of a lot cheaper than byeing a 8 week ond pup feeding it for a year then taking it out and it jacking. these dogs are ready to run. also every do
  5. my number is on page one. and the pups are not £350 they are £300 and i paid more than that for them at 6 weeks old. plus all my mates that are still running dogs allready have good workers and pups that they are bringing on. like i said if someone wants the bitch give me a ring and they can take her on trial.
  6. look the dogs are for sale because im getting out of the game not because the season has ended like half you clowns and yes she has had over 50 this season and killed them not wached them running across land and there is lads on here that have seen her run and can tell you what she is like so i dont need to bullshit anyone as i said the dog can be seen working. also if you think 50 in a season is a lot then you want to sell up because your not getting your dogs out enuff. my dogs were run 4/5/6 nights a week. also why would i want to feck my pups up by taking them out to early they would have
  7. yes.she.was.jacking.due.to.loseing.2.teeth if.someone.wants.her.they.can.take.her.out.and.see.her.run. ive.had.over.50.with.her.this.season
  8. my hearts just not in it know more and its just not fair on the dogs been stuck in kennel
  9. love both these tunes could listen to them all day long http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ByeBdt34vWo
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