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  1. Marshall receiver and a brand new 216 leg mount magnet switch on off £450 in excellent condition
  2. Going tonight with red tonight hopefully nice bag of rabbits
  3. daz280597


    I had mine on anklet but to be honest gets in the way I put it on the tail now alot more neater . He was connecting sometimes and it was working his way round after a few flights kept grabbing it and only having rabbits with 1 foot so changed it alot better now
  4. Get it done it's ace !!!!
  5. daz280597


    Sure is going go out tonight for an hr I think see what's about . So u put u telemetry on the ankle or tail on your red ?
  6. Mine has taking to it well 4 outings 11 rabbits 1 hare j prefer it to the day time and u can fly it more with the nights drawing in
  7. daz280597


    This weather is grim just getting bird ready to go out and the heavens opened !!! Gutted
  8. Lamping with the bird is ace 3 rabbits and a hare tonight
  9. Off out with bird for a quick lamp had 2 rabbits last hopefully have a catch tonight with him
  10. What weight is the male red ?
  11. It's better in the night ya see more rabbits and you still get to see the flight 2 . How many flight ya average with ya bird ?
  12. How ya find the response with the weight increase at night does ya bird still come back as fast ?
  13. Do u take bell off for night time ? He doing really well spots far away 2 be fair . I do notice when he connects with the tab it's seems to be not getting them were he normally gets them suppose it's cause of the light but he will get used to it .
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