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  1. Thanks ive ordered a couple tins they were hard to find in .52 in the uk
  2. Just got my r10 back after a blueprint tune and it seems to like the hn field target trophy pellets. Anyone know where i can get these in 177 but a 4.52 all i can find is 4.50. Thanks
  3. I got that same one last week with ups 48hr delivery. Landed day after from france... cant argue with that
  4. I have a mk2 bsa 10 super carbine in 177.. anyone know were to start as to what pellets to try
  5. Last 3 pups sire 26" 5/8 3/8 bull x Dam is 25" 1/4 bull 1/8 collie and the rest grey. Both work day, lamp and with terrier. Pups are ready now in west cumbria £150 all dog pups
  6. £50 each of pair for £90 im west cumbria will not post these as they will only end up broken
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