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  1. mikey88

    Sic Bird

    And don't put them back out too early.
  2. mikey88

    Sic Bird

    Catching them early and getting them in the warmth gives them a better chance...... Good luck
  3. Only in grimethorpe.... If it don't sell will collect tomorrow
  4. Got some pat x cocker pups due this week pal should make handy bushers
  5. mikey88

    Cocker X Terrier

    I might have a few spare pups out of my patt bitch to my cocker dog depending on how many she has. Not due to drop for a few weeks tho
  6. mikey88

    Legacy Wheels

    Need some legacy wheels with good tyres on if any about round Barnsley area
  7. mikey88

    Mules Feeding Goldfinch Chick's

    I have 2 cock Canarys in an Avery that sit eggs.... Hardly ever see the hens on to be honest. Think they sit because the other 2 cocks in there are more dominant an they don't get hassled by them as the nests are in the middle ov a 6ft Christmas tree.
  8. mikey88

    Mule Cage

    Nice work.... Some hours there
  9. mikey88

    Roller Pigeons

    Ther flights are taped so they can't fly. Better that clipping them IMO
  10. mikey88


    Smart lookin bird
  11. mikey88


    Smart lookin bird
  12. mikey88

    Shamo Eggs

    Should I give them boiled eggs this week? Or just when ther older? What age will I be able to sexy them. Thanks for advice. Atb mikey88
  13. mikey88

    Shamo Eggs

    12 young hatched so far. Only put 21 eggs in hopefully more will hatch still. Any tips on rearin them other than clean shavings and plenty of snap n water? Also had 1 ov the pullets go broody on 7 so see what comes from them.
  14. mikey88

    What Would You Do?

    Not my aviary but I did av one fly into my shed while me an my daughter were in.. Knocked itself out in window so she got to hold and release him.