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  1. dave1979

    Rosettes Are Red

    shes ben known to supply meat for a rabbit stew or 2....
  2. dave1979

    Rosettes Are Red

    first at the edrd qualifier group at the pennine foxhound show..
  3. dave1979

    Froch V Groves Who Wins

    another miss match...... what happened to froch Kessler 3?
  4. dave1979

    Duck Dynasty Anyone Been Watching? ?

    best show on telli at the minute
  5. dave1979

    Running Rough Ground.

    depends on breed I suppose!! a little whippet will be more prone to injuries to say a collie cross!!
  6. dave1979

    Match Day

  7. dave1979

    Van Persie @ United

    certainly one of fergies best signiings!!! and not an ounce of trouble unlike that other striker we have who couldn't be bothered to come to us yesterday and clap with the rest of the team!!!
  8. dave1979

    Bbc 2 Tonight 9Pm

    isn't it illegal to release a pest species??
  9. dave1979

    United Vs Wigan Final Sunday

    Liverpool classed it as a major a few yr back... you can only beat the team your playing!!
  10. dave1979


    or he is just a big dick?
  11. dave1979


    am hoping my pup will be pal!!! the guy who challenged you might....i will watch your back when its your slip!! ha ha
  12. dave1979


    pick me up en rout...share fuel money...n gi my pup a spin
  13. dave1979

    United Vs Wigan Final Sunday

    brilliant mate!! hope they are mascots....out with utd...every lads dream.... I am off to testimonial tonight but not goin sunday....
  14. dave1979

    Celtic V Liverpool Predictions!!!!!!!!!!

    my prediction is it wont be anyones fault whoever wins....
  15. dave1979

    Dynamo Magician Impossible

    its entertainment!!! either you like it or you don't.....but dynamo isn't having to do ten hr in a factory today to earn his living!!