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  1. Red fern,takes me back a few year, watch old yellow,the hunting dog.
  2. This little dog with a big heart is what the working whippet is all about. A credit to the breed, well done.
  3. about 30 or so years ago I had very aggressive Staffordshire terrier only bred for one thing and only new one thing. I got this dog from the age of two and it had a very dark past and upbringing. anyway I had a cupule of ferrets at the time and thought this dog given any chance will kill these ferrets and he would off,He would get into a mad frenzy even with the scent of ferret. But has months turned to years he came to except the ferrets to the point were he would muzzle them. I suppose it really was a case of FAMILLIARITY BREEDS CONTENT.
  4. A good temperament goes a very long way in a dog or any animal. but I would like to see it run to rule out any hidden injury that might of landed it in kennels. good luck in your decision.
  5. Times a good answer so is patience and common sense but being able to change your own frame of mind, going against the grain of tried and tested methods which have always worked in the past to accommodate a difficult animal. mainly a trait in the older handlers....so I am saying versatility.
  6. The 3/4 reverse collie cross is a tuff durable lurcher. I suppose you want to keep greyhound blood at bay if running harsh land....
  7. Just small lurchers a lot call them whirriers but these have got a dash of collie blood in them cant see that being a bad thing, ferreters and the like have been breeding them since memory of man, useful animal in the right environment.
  8. To say im impressed would be a understatement,well done.
  9. Alot of ferreting dogs yip and yap working rough land, never botherd me. MARKING HOLES, working cover ,holding netted rabbits,working with long nets, catching the escapees,being a usefull companion. is what bothers me.
  10. Deaf dogs do work, sheepdogs, gundogs, even deaf racing greyhounds seem to be fine at there job at hand. I guess its like a deaf person they do overcome barriers and are able to hold there jobs down, obviously precautions are met. If your the patient type and in no rush to have a world beater than why not give it a go. If anything you would have a good story to tell and a knowledge in a area not many dogmen have exsperienced. good luck in your decision.
  11. I see a well trained dog, well done. a good lamping dog dosnt need a lead.
  12. ive heard of deaf border collies working sheep and being bloody good at it, working to the handlers hand signals. a book called dog of the storm by ernest dudley is a true story about a deaf working border collie, would be a good read for you my freind.
  13. Some of the greatest predators on the planet hunt in that manner. i am a fan of it and think its a skill that only gets better, but i have freinds that would disagree.
  14. very nice, superb feet best set ive seen in a while.
  15. Alot ov non pedigrees have a bit ov mixed blood down the line.
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