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    I enjoy spending my time trying as many forms of hunting as possible but I spend a lot of my spare time hunting with my air rifles, I also enjoy fishing ( Carp fishing mainly, but enjoy doing a bit of coarse fishing aswell) , hiking, and going off roading with friends.

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  1. Hi All It's the first time I have posted on here in a long time so I apologise if this question has already been asked I am looking into taking the plunge and getting a night vision setup for my pcp and I was was wondering if you guys good give me a few pointers as to what's good and what's not? My budget at a stretch would be £500 I have hunted for a number of years but anything that I have done at night has been with a lamp how ever over these last few years the need to scratch the night vision itch has just kept growing Thanks in advance Kind Regards Simon
  2. A good read that cheers Nice shooting
  3. Exciting times exploring new land, will look forward to reading more about how you get on there in the future. ATB Si
  4. Nice Shooting mate. Sweet set up too.
  5. Good read that mate, and nice shooting too fellas
  6. Well done mate, nice shot placement.
  7. Cool pics, nice shooting fella.
  8. one is better than none, nice shooting pal. Liking your rifle too.
  9. well done, nice shooting that girl.. looks like she has done her dad proud.
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