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  1. johonawhitness

    Ordered and paid for, the " NEW GUN"

    With a nice concield underleaver?
  2. johonawhitness

    self control

    Ive been thinking about getting one purely for the open sights plinking for 200quid what a bargin
  3. johonawhitness

    Ordered and paid for, the " NEW GUN"

    Gotta be the Prosport surely, he will deff have the best spring and best pcp going then. Hope im not 41 by time we find out
  4. johonawhitness

    Air Arms Pro Sport mk1 .177

    Best comment ever ,even the birds know what make and model rifle they been shot with !
  5. johonawhitness

    Wrap and tuck check required!!

    Mines the opersit, maybe some have the logo glued on different sides
  6. johonawhitness


    It's not the size that counts I found my unipox is a tad smaller than ide like but it's no trouble my 8yo daughter also uses the unipox she's got a pink I've got a green!
  7. johonawhitness


    The uni pox is OTT and TTF, good starter catty
  8. johonawhitness

    32 meter springpiston groups

    What a beauty
  9. johonawhitness

    Wrap and tuck check required!!

    Common lads wake up lol. Logo either way personal preference, I have mine facing away so my thumb sitts nice in the indent on the other side,depends on your hold of that helps or not.. ok the bands are still on wrong wrap and tuck looks like it'll do the job fine. Just the bands go on the outside of the forks ,get on YouTube mate
  10. johonawhitness

    Wrap and tuck check required!!

    The bands are on wrong.it's not that the sign should be facing you(dose help is you do thumb pince grip as thumb can sit in the slot where the badge is glued in on the other side) your problem is your bands on the inside of your forks,there ment to go around the outside,
  11. johonawhitness

    Preperation and timing for the perfect ambush.

    Nice shooting.its tempting .really inwant a ks .22 for close up and personal squirrel and rat control nice compact hide gun not the sporter,
  12. johonawhitness

    Just opened a mouse restaurant in my garage

    Looks like there on the menu
  13. johonawhitness

    Preperation and timing for the perfect ambush.

    It's beautiful. Strange thing is i was also looking at a verrry nice hw100 satday. A sporter in twenty two at a very good price, maybe it's a sign.
  14. johonawhitness


    Come and have a go if you like.... yes it's miles ahead majority of springers. But miles below a 97 77 or 80. I zerod it with Tony himself. He says that's how they are in .177. I was total deverstated and he knew it. Suppose it's down to what your used to. I'm used to stage 2 97s etc. A dream to shoot so smooth no recoil pcp like Lazer accuracy. 5p groups at 50m easy. 95k in .177 is deff not that
  15. johonawhitness


    2year old few knocks on the wood bad one under the pistol grip others minor, approx 5 knocks in total,sling swivels fitted, yours (or anyone interested) for £250 collection Leicestershire