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  1. I put a WANTED post on Buy, Sell, Swap on 05/03 and had 339 views to date, but unfortunately no replies as yet. Does anybody have any details of Litters due, Litters on the ground, Breeders or prefer a Line or mixture of Lines from personal knowledge? I have very limited knowledge of working pure Whippets, pre-ban or after, other than the last few Months of Internet time. If this needs to be removed from this area, no problem.
  2. ​Trying to find a good sized Whippet female. Moonlake or Nimrodel
  3. PM'S answered and really appreciate the help and information.......one of the places should be suitable.
  4. I am looking for a reasonably priced, decent B&B for this Sunday coming in Barnsley, near to the Crematorium? Anyone?
  5. The same could be said for all the Fox Digging Threads which get put on here. Digging Foxes out with Terriers is technically illegal, UNDER SOME CIRCUMSTANCES. If all the Threads were 'Moderated' to the Letter of the LAW and some 'Moderators' ideas of good judgement and interpretation all the time.............The 'WORKING DOG' threads of all types and some other sections threads would be highly censored and in effect have no attraction. I saw a Documentary once and in it the presenter explained that in many built up areas the Water drank is full of female hormones. It's because, in the purification process, they are some of the things which cannot be taken out of the resulting 'fresh water'................Mmmmm Here is a TRUE EXAMPLE of how ridiculous some interpretations of 'Animal Welfare' Laws can be....... I had an un-manned Goshawk Tethered on my Front Lawn watching the World go by, as part of her Manning process. I also had a Shamo Stag Tethered across from her as part of my own personal method of Manning the Hawk and part of his socialisation process. The RSPCA Inspector who was called for both Birds had no problem with the Hawk, but a major problem with the Shamo being Tethered. One example from her about why she wanted the Shamo removed, was that "he wasn't allowed to behave naturally and that process was being restricted, by the Tether"......I pointed towards the Hawk with her Anklets, Jesses, Swivel, Bell and Leash on, sat on her nice Rubber topped Stainless Steel Perch and asked for clarification of 'natural behaviour'. The 'debate' went on for ages......both Birds stayed on my Garden 'Tethered' when she left, she left slightly less confident in her abilities to interpret 'Animal Welfare'. My point for the example was to illustrate that interpretation is a personal thing and perhaps 'Moderation' could be done more sparingly.
  6. LMAO.........I've spent hours at some 'so called' Puppy Earths and 'one Holers'! Never take anything for granted....trust me.
  7. If someone puts two Black Terriers together and get a Wolf let me know please........that would be some 'throwback'...lol. I can go back over 35 years on a particular 'Family' of APBT and I KNOW they are all APBT, as we know and think of them as. If I go back further and further to when the generations of imports were about, in the 1800's and early 1900's and beyond what would I find?.........Staff, Bulldog, Hound, some European type of Mastiff?! Man used Dogs for Jobs, not as Pets, like the modern day Man unfortunately thinks they should be!! Herding Dogs, Hunting Dogs, War Dogs and most had to do a mixture of all the Jobs. Then came in entertainment and 'sport' for fun and they started to selectively breed. Hard to believe these 'Tea Cup' things came from the same Genus as Great Danes etc....lol. FECK KNOWS WHY I WENT OFF ON THIS 'TAC'!!!......LMAO. My age I expect.
  8. I suspect A GREAT DEAL of 'Working Terrier' Ancestry in the UK and Eire, will be taken to the Grave. Nice types 'tested' once or twice, found a bit hard, but put over a nice type of Fox killing Bitch anyway etc, etc!! Terriers with historically good producing Blood never dug to 'hard', but bred from none the less. I am lucky to be able to dig everything LEGALLY now and the Dogs used have never seen any Blood within the last 60 years except Terrier Blood, having been both 'line' and 'inbred' once breeding true to type. They have been tested, culled, bred, tested and then culled again....the only colour stipulation being Black and Tan, but still culled out of a breeding Programme if not suitable for the Jobs. So I I am led to believe....however their are 'Trials' here to help keep Pups with the right 'attitude' at least. The main problem is finding exclusively dug to Terriers, as they are so versatile they are used for a multitude of tasks. The size can be quite varied, as the 'Trials' are not realistic and a 17" un-spannable Terrier would not struggle to get there. The only obvious trait to see is the 'Attitude' they show when they do get there, again not realistic because these situations are monitored and they are 'lifted' after a while.......it does weed out the outright curs though and the ones who don't want to find, I suppose. Rubbish in every breed, but it's all down to % of failures in a 'line'. I have seen Brindle Digging Terriers over the years, some rough and some smooth, all with obvious Bull traits of some sort. Adding Bull Blood is not a quick fix, it can take years again afterwards to get back the Terrier traits. I know of a breeding done first cross Russell/APBT. The Russell had a good working history and the Bitch was one of the cleverest and good Bitches of her 'type', with a VERY good Ancestry. There wasn't one 'keeper' in the resulting Litter, for one reason or another. I suspect, 'back in the day', as the saying goes, colour or type didn't matter too much and if a Bull 'worked' then it was used regardless of colour, plus Brindle seems quite a strong colour, genetically. The Books tell us of a Brindley Bull borrowed, used and worked to cross in to a certain line. Nuttall had black Bull Bitches at his Kennel over the years and every now and then put Bull back in to his Terriers......so I am told. I guess that is no guarantee a 'throwback' might not raise it's head now and then. It happens with the tightest of bred Families of Dogs. I, personally, would not pick a Brindle Pup from a Terrier Litter......my choice based purely on Aesthetics. My choice would be a proportioned Pup, with the darkest of Eyes, black Gums, Belly and Toes with no white Star or Bib. Obviously bold and forthcoming when put out on it's own, but that could be good 'socialising', not natural. Not too many about. If's, buts and maybe's.........
  9. Issues 90 through to 125, Jan 2000 to December 2002 inclusive and I will NOT split them. Kept in plastic Sleeves in Binders and all in good condition. Got to be worth £65 Posted. South West England.
  10. This Bird has gone...... So both Birds have now gone. Thanks.
  11. Male still for sale. I have had a little interest. Couple of things.....I can't help where he is. No I won't take " a one-er for it". He is for sale for one more week only.
  12. Many thanks for the positive comments. The Female has gone, incidentally, talking about prices, her original asking price from the Breeder was £1,150, the price I asked reflected the necessary Imping and her being 'second Hand' for want of a better expression. I personally believe she would have entered the first time of asking and finished the Season at 2lb 9 or even 10oz with me. The prices are what I consider fair, which are less than I actually paid financially and in time and effort. On more than one occasion this Male has caught and held Rabbits by landing and chasing them running along the ground through Brambles, when the Rabbits have gone in. Along with other various strange scenarios showing determination, skill and gameness. I don't keep rubbish and I certainly would not sell rubbish..........No matter what Animal it is or the cost to me emotionally or financially, Curs get culled. He is well worth the asking price of £250 and the ONLY reasons he is for sale is that 1/ From long years of experience, not many respect anything for free and 2/ I wish to get a bigger type of Bird capable of taking and holding bigger Game in Eastern Europe. This Bird will take all of my time and effort. The Male Gos cannot be used for Breeding, I don't want him sat in some display somewhere or kept as somebody's Pet. I am selling him as a Hunting Bird, although he has done nothing this year so far, due to putting all my efforts into the female and I also start late down here due to Undergrowth and other Hunting interests. This long winded post was prompted by someone saying I am a bit too far away.
  13. I bought him from the Margeresons and have had him since manning in 2011.
  14. I would have to start to man him and get him going again over a couple of weeks and I want to sell him while in the UK. So wouldn't be keen. Fell for that before with a Falcon and it turned out the guys just wanted to go out hunting with a Bird! I have had the Bird since 'manning' so he will need to get used to you anyway, so what he is like with me, may well be different for you, certainly for a Month or two.
  15. Male 2011 PR, fully entered on Rabbit, done nothing this season so far, I usually start late. Flew last season at 1lb 10oz. Female 2015 PR, ready for proper entering, works a Rabbit carcass at 2lb 6oz. Both would be classed as 'Northern Goshawks', although the male is out of wild caught Mother and F1 Father all originating from Finland. A10's both present. Both have been made to the Hood and well socialised with people and mutts. All my future Hawking is in Eastern Europe, so concentrating on Hares and larger prey, with the 'right' Bird. The male is vasectomised (NOT CASTRATED), but is a good honest working Bird and is for sale for £250. The Female needs some Feathers imping on her Tail before 'entering' and is for sale for £450. Both prices are reasonable for what you will get.
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