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  1. Hi all, after a bit of advice, Just got my Shot Gun Licence but not sure what Gun to buy i will be using it for mooching around my Permissions and Pigeons, my budget is up to £1500, Any advice much appreciated,
  2. Tesco was cheapest for my 3, and its saved me well over £300 already, its a no brainer.
  3. This is my Deerhound x Deerhound Greyhound Beardy Collie,
  4. Hello, Can anybody give me a list of dog shows in Devon and Cornwall over the next few months, Cheers
  5. Sorry to hear that news mate, R.I.P Spike,
  6. More expensive ..Thas relative to what you pay for a bag of dogfood..I pay approximately £1 per kilo fore my meat delivered from DAF meats and it has muscle bone sinew organ and offal in it which is what they need and then around a pound a week for veg rice bread etc ..so a comparable price would be about a £16 bag of dog food. obviously you need a freezer to store it ...For me a £16 bag of dog food is in the low to intermediate price range so the 2 have no comparison in quality really. Unfortunately there no delivery's in the South West from DAF meats, and the local butchers are cha
  7. I feed mine both some days raw and other days a complete working dog mix. However i would say given the choice they would rather be on raw its eaten in a blink of an eye. The only down side to raw is as far as im concerned is its rather more expensive.
  8. Christ yes, and good stuff it is as well, only your dog looks like Violet Beauregard of Charlie and The Chocolate Factory for a while !!. Ok best get some then, cheers
  9. Is this stuff ok to use on dogs then?
  10. Good times, i will be taking my daughter out next season,
  11. He is a Jack X Boarder i think he`s around 6 months old now.
  12. JFC - 3 Shotgun Cabinet. Gun cabinet tested to BS7558:92 ,Two high security 7 lever key locks supplied with two keys per lock. 100% Police approved. High Density foam divider & floor mat. Suitable for floor or wall fixing, Finished in a durable Hammer Grey paint. Specifications:- External Height 1305 mm External Width 201 mm External Depth 221 mm Volume 55 liters Weight 22 Kg. This cabinet was brought for me for Christmas but its just not big enough. Its brand new still in its original box, cost £125 new will sell for £100.(Plymouth) PM me.
  13. Mine get a cod liver capsule 2-3 times a week, and every now and then i will splash some veg oil on depending on what there eating. Plenty of oily fish is also good for them.
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