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  1. zini

    Shooting Jackdaws

    A shot to the head in the same location as you would a pigeon or magpie mate and they will be humanely dispatched. A heart and lung shot will work well too especially if a .22 or .25 is used as the kinetic shock transfers better to the vitals and a slightly misplaced shot will still be effective where a .177 could drill through leaving a wounded bird. Not always true but can happen more than will happen with a slightly larger diameter pellet. They are a weary bird with a sharp eye and so your movements need to be slow and methodical and your concealment needs to be good unless your going to be shooting them off of a construction that is quite far away and they feel safe to see you and not fly off. I been shooting quite a few of these just lately and another tip is not to static hunt them next to the food source / problem area directly but off to a location near where there is a raised perch. What normally happens is they fly to a raised perch first to assess for danger and then swoop down onto the problem area to cause havoc. They will then bring in more birds. As more birds come in they will land on the raised perch but look down at whats happening on the ground with the other birds giving you a chance to place a accurate shot. If you wait in direct line of the food source they will eat and then look up and assess for danger and probably see you 9 out of 10 times.
  2. zini

    Bsa Ultra ??? ......

    JSB Exacts 4.53mm and AA fields work very well in a Ultra as do Bisley Magnums in some Ive used.
  3. zini

    Lamping Or Nightvision

    Watch "The Nite Site Viper and Sandwell Field Sports Imp" on YouTube The Nite Site Viper and Sandwell Field Sports Imp:
  4. zini

    Simon Pittaway

    Hi lads. Yes this group is true and not a wind up im afraid. It was witnessed by Davy and KGB Mark as I shot it. If some doubt my intergrity thats fine i have nothing to prove, and Noddy10 fair comment. Remember though its through practicing on paper you improve so all thoughts aside I got something out of the day. It proved to me in 2 friends company that my Imp will match a qualty pcp if I do my bit.
  5. zini

    Lamping Or Nightvision

    The new NS kit works very well and on a springer too. The picture quality even of the lowest price unit the Viper is very good and better than alot of home brews ive been informed are better than a NS units but to my eyes weren't in reality. The truth is that NS have spent lots and lots of money in pocurement of their new kit and it contains big improvements from their earlier NS50 and NS200 so for the average tinkerer to make a better unit than them for under £100 I would say your either a electronics guru, really lucky or just haven't used the new kit yourself to see its quality. Dont get me wrong I do believe that there is some ace home brews out there but to better a NS for under £100 im not too sure.
  6. zini

    Walther Terrus ???

    Yes I have had experience with the Terrus. Only a for 4 or 5 shots but was well impressed. The trigger is very good and I think could make a very nice springer. I think if tuned it could be very handy. The below clip also contains Terrus footage. Watch "The New Walther LGU First Look (HD)" on YouTube The New Walther LGU First Look (HD):
  7. zini


    2 great choices of rifle Tim. I own both and really rate them both. The Imp is a nice short carbine hunter, ideal from vehicles or hide shooting, but just as at home around a farm building or even on a HFT course knocking over targets for fun. Its very accurate even out to the longer ranges of a sub 12 air rifle (55 yards) and its is surprisingly quiet for a recoiling rifle. The Ultra belongs to my wife who shoots it at HFT. It is my favorite PCP and i put it over my HW100KT. Its a stunning little rifle and ideal for juniors, ladies or adults. yet again its very accurate once matched with the right pellet. I was out last night with an almost £800 PCP belonging to someone else and I would of put the Ultra over it within 10 minutes of seeing this more expensive rifle perform in the rifle. I think your GF is going to be very happy with her buy. Si.
  8. zini


    A nice rifle that you have there mate. It should serve you well for a very long time. Si.
  9. Its open if you open the front
  10. The latest episode of VHTV. Shooting with the Birmingham lads and lasses. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=_Su1kz4vsdg
  11. zini


    Lads, Davy hijacked my phone. Hes a bugger. Si.
  12. me & davy shot it at the midland game fare,its mint buddy to shoot!!!
  13. zini

    Worst Miss Ever!!!!!

    don't worry skott,i miss more than Davy,if truth be told!!!
  14. zini


    HLS DT is up to his dasderly tricks again !!! mmhhaawww!!
  15. zini


    and just to clear a long myth up,he is not the turret twister! that was me after a few beers !!