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  1. I have broken eggs in the catch compartment, but I'll try a little red sauce mixed in - thanks for the tip. Mark
  2. Thanks jok, I'll look into the matches! I'm not permitted to keep a live call bird in my trap because its in my garden and may offend the neighbours according to the WO.. So I'm just using a plastic decoy. Atvb Mark
  3. Hi everyone, After receiving my unique trapping number from the local WO the other day, I've decided to finally act and rid my garden of these horrible creatures. That's my trap out and set with a decoy, so wish me luck on my first time using a Larsen! Atvb Mark
  4. Hi mate, thanks for that. I actually have a tin of 4.52's lying around somewhere that I bought for a different gun somewhere along the line I think. Even though I'm using the single shot loader now almost exclusively now anyway, I'd still like to know that my mags and pellets will cycle without problem if I'm hunting. I'll give the 52's a go when I get a chance. Cheers buddy
  5. Pretty sure it's the new type, it's a new gun?
  6. Thank you everyone ... I'll probably be using the single shot adapter a lot of the time anyway but I'd like to know that my mags will cycle properly when I want them too. Thanks again guys. Mark.
  7. Hi folks Can anyone tell me if certain pellets will make a magazine jam? I tried JSB exact diabolo 4.53 in my 177 Scorpion SE today, after them being recommended for my rifle. However after jamming two magazines on two separate occasions, I decided not to bother with them, and went back to testing other pellets for probably 200+ shots without a problem. Is this just coincidence it happened both times on the JSB's or could it be the pellets? Cheers, Mark.
  8. Looking forward to getting out to zero my new setup.
  9. So it arrived today and I'm very impressed I must say. First thing I noticed is that it was slightly on the heavier side, but the build quality is absolutely superb.. And I'm not putting it on a tx or anything.. So who cares! The hmd reticle is nice and thin but not so much so it'll disappear in low light. Finger turrets are positive and provide a reassuring click. The magnification window is a nice touch, and the matte finish is really sleek. It's a nice addition as well with the 60mm screw in sunshade. Just need my rifle back from BSA now to get it mounted.
  10. Hi Sam nice one mate.. I'm well impressed with the 4th gen Hills, I'll never own a bottle.. enjoy your new rifle bud
  11. Hi Deker, I've no want or need to spend hundreds and hundreds on a scope, my post was simply generalising on model that's in my desired price range. As it turned out I didn't buy a hawke, I bought a Discovery VT-1 Pro 3-12x42 hmd. I'm expecting it to arrive tomorrow, so looking forward to getting it mounted on the scorpion! Cheers, Mark
  12. Any alternatives you could recommend around the 160 quid mark? Cheers, Mark
  13. Does anyone have any experience or opinions on the above scope? My intended use would be a bit of everything, but probably the most important factor for me would be for it to perform reasonably well in the odd HFT shoot.. Hence being drawn to the 40mm objective. How does the AMX reticle fair against a normal half mil dot? The scope would be mounted on my Scorpion SE. Mark
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