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  1. maha87

    Hawke 4-12x40 ao AMX

    Looking forward to getting out to zero my new setup.
  2. maha87

    Hawke 4-12x40 ao AMX

    So it arrived today and I'm very impressed I must say. First thing I noticed is that it was slightly on the heavier side, but the build quality is absolutely superb.. And I'm not putting it on a tx or anything.. So who cares! The hmd reticle is nice and thin but not so much so it'll disappear in low light. Finger turrets are positive and provide a reassuring click. The magnification window is a nice touch, and the matte finish is really sleek. It's a nice addition as well with the 60mm screw in sunshade. Just need my rifle back from BSA now to get it mounted.
  3. maha87

    Venturing into pcp's and HFT

    Hi Sam nice one mate.. I'm well impressed with the 4th gen Hills, I'll never own a bottle.. enjoy your new rifle bud
  4. maha87

    Hawke 4-12x40 ao AMX

    I'll keep you posted mate
  5. maha87

    Hawke 4-12x40 ao AMX

    Hi Deker, I've no want or need to spend hundreds and hundreds on a scope, my post was simply generalising on model that's in my desired price range. As it turned out I didn't buy a hawke, I bought a Discovery VT-1 Pro 3-12x42 hmd. I'm expecting it to arrive tomorrow, so looking forward to getting it mounted on the scorpion! Cheers, Mark
  6. maha87

    Hawke 4-12x40 ao AMX

    Any alternatives you could recommend around the 160 quid mark? Cheers, Mark
  7. Does anyone have any experience or opinions on the above scope? My intended use would be a bit of everything, but probably the most important factor for me would be for it to perform reasonably well in the odd HFT shoot.. Hence being drawn to the 40mm objective. How does the AMX reticle fair against a normal half mil dot? The scope would be mounted on my Scorpion SE. Mark
  8. Give it some time buddy and put in a few hours getting used to the way the gun recoils and how to hold it lightly and let it cycle and move as it needs to in your hands and against your body. If you still don't have any luck mate I'd try a few different pellets.. That's always worth a go! Good to hear you're on the mend - keep us posted on how you get on. Enjoy your new rifle bud . Mark
  9. Hi mate are you sure it's not just technique managing the recoil of a springer? They can be tough to shoot super accurately without putting in the practice to learn the gun. Also have you done any pellet testing? My hw95 absolutely hates a few big brands. Cheers, Mark.
  10. Hey chaps, Just wondered if anyone on here is north of the border like me, and if so what clubs do you shoot at? Cheers, Mark
  11. So that isn't filling me with joy mate! Thankfully it wasn't yodel who collected this afternoon
  12. Ha thanks lads, looks like that will do the trick then. It's away back to Birmingham under warranty.. Super slow barely noticeable air leak, but an air leak nevertheless.. on a brand new gun.
  13. Hi guys, Just wanted to know how everyone packs their beloved rifles if they are to be collected by courier for example, and put (possibly thrown) into the back of a van? I have used 5m of bubble wrap on the gun itself and sealed it in an old buffalo river gun slip. Then a further 8m to wrap both the case and gun in. Does anyone know of a better way? Thanks, Mark
  14. maha87

    Venturing into pcp's and HFT

    Very nice bigmac, I did consider the tactical version but chose beech in the end. Really nice setups mate, cheers for the pics