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  1. still for sale 550 no offers
  2. It's in 22 mate not been messed about with and bottles in test mate
  3. bsa super ten mk3 carbine bull barrel with hawke nite eye 6,5x20x50 ao ir scope and sunshade 2x mags bipod and bottle with whip exccellent gun 600 ono heres pik very good condition would rather f2f but will post
  4. see nothing changes on here not bin on for a bit and back to same old same old
  5. get some high mounts by the sound of it your seeing it through the scope mate obviously on higher mag your not
  6. its still here mate because 600 quid is at the top of the price range for a mk1
  7. got a full set up without pole if interested pm me preston on box few attachments rods reels n the rest
  8. ive just sold a full run mate 2x2x2m with door for 80quid
  9. got a wheaten bull grey x saluki mate 14month old good on lamp un spoilt with galv run and pen 250 the lot if interested giz a shout n ill send you some piks pal n take you out for an hour i no it out of seaon but just so you can see him run
  10. ive got a 14month old wheaten bull grey x saluki here unspoilt good on lamp only been run on rabit n big rabbits with galvanised run and pen 250 if your interested
  11. send me a few pics mate
  12. the bottles will hold up to and beyond 300 bar maybe a bit more as Ive never filled beyond 300 ,as it says ive never filled beyond because i have only got a 250 bar regulator.get your facts right.ta Born what hunter....???? that gets me thinking ..thanks for your post . there only pressure tested to that mate 2oobar fill not 300bar pal suprised you havnt be blowing seals or locking up
  13. put a price on them mate theyll go alot quicker rather than people not wanting to insult also whats the charity
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