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  1. i was privieged to no steve for many many years we had some great times together RIP big lad
  2. Can you tell me please if there is a scope with the gun regards zak
  3. Have you still got the bottle mate
  4. Where are you are you anywhere near Manchester. And what would be your bottom price regards zac
  5. are you still looking for a failed terrir pal
  6. hi i have my 3 year old bull russel for sale 100% earth dog any trial given only sellin as this dog is well to hard for my liking 400 pound n o offers cheers zak 1960 SORRY LADS I DONT NO HOW BUT SOMONE AS GOT HOLD OF MY PASSWORD FOR THIS SITE. I DONT HAVE A DIGGING DOG FOR SALE AS I GAVE THAT SIDE UP 5 YEARS AGO JUST GOT MY OLD LURCHER NOW REGARDS ZAK
  7. Does it have a silencer fitted
  8. Sorry Intersol had 400 but they have all gone regards zak
  9. any one in the greater manchester area want some wood pigeons for there ferrets please pm me your number and ill bell you back regards zak
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