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  1. Have you a pard 007 for sale pal. 

  2. It's .177 pal. Super accurate
  3. Don't forget to invite me matey. Sounds like you have a tactic!!
  4. Great shooting pal. Was you using decoys.
  5. All taken at various ranges. Longest being 65 yards free standing from a roof. Most was taken from trees at 40 yards whilst I was hiding behind a bale in the barn.
  6. Few this morning with the hw100. Check out my new silencer cap. Also couldn't pick up 3 as they fell on to roofs.
  7. Cracking shooting pal. Bet the bag was bursting
  8. Just a quick couple of hours out on one of my perms as the grass has been cut. Walking round I picked of these few but could of taken more, just a little to small for the pot.
  9. So what you saying you are using a lamp or say an ns50/200 with the red ir.
  10. Just can't get on with it so I want to go back to the original. I'm after a dark stock with a nice tiger grain going through it and also an adjustable but pad and £50 notes my way. Thanks
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