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  1. We do taxidermy I've got a couple off barn owls in and a kestrel to do this week that has just come in have a look on Facebook at walshys taxidermy page
  2. Or8 lads got 2 kits surplus now if any wants them bred from my own stock accrington area both polecats cheers
  3. Or8 lads looking for a 434 tail mounted transmitter cheers walshy
  4. No worries I'll not be back on till tomorrow after work
  5. Looking 420 notes pal the power max are expensive on there own cheers walshy
  6. I've got a marshall on 173 with power max trans and a scout but the scout is a different channel but stil picks it up
  7. I will in few days pal when my new one comes its a field marshall with a scout and a power max transmitter atb walshy
  8. Yeah they are pal just checked now
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