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  1. I got sent this from a friend in the West Coast his friends granfather shot it on the hill dureing the second world war to feed his and other families ...the head had been in an attic until this year when the lad took it to someone for make stick handles with ....obviuosly when the lad saw it he knew it was to good for sticks so after some time staining it with pettasiom permangenate its ready to mount .
  2. Its has everything to do with me you are on a public site ...I just pointed out that yesterday you were looking for a bitch to put your dog over then the next day you said " I am but as u can see no one has one! " so now you want a pup ...I was just pointing that out .....you craic on lad and call me names on tinternet I wont loose sleep about that . Good luck with finding a bitch with your battle scarred dog ...I am not a private detective but at this moment I have a lot of time on my hands and lukey is right I do seem to have a good nose for messers
  3. you only posted looking for one 14 hours ago
  4. THOUGHTyou were looking for a bitch?
  6. Roughly where you from solo ? as I might know of what your looking for
  7. OOh, cant agree there sorry, how would you explain the following : 3 terriers running loose along a track, one terrier stops puts it's nose in the air, goes down a bank swims a storm drain climbs the oposite bank crosses a track, drops in and bolts two foxes one after the other. Now the other two terriers never had a clue there was anything there. Can only be difference in scenting ability surely ? well i cant answer that as I have never seen that ...but what I am say is when a terrier is to ground the scent cannot be that hard to follow ....so imo a terrier that is a good finder does not
  8. In my opinion when a working terrier goes to his quarry there should be no excuse for it to leave it maybe you shouldn't have entered the dog sore but even still he walked and that is that you can lie him up and try him again he might dig 50 more but in the back of your head you will never have full faith in him thats utter nonsence a dog worked sore does not need to hold his head in shame if it walked
  9. basicaly what im saying is you hear lads saying that dog is a good finder cause it has a good nose but imo there cant be that much differance in idividual terriers scenting capabilities ...if a terrier is in the depth and its quarry is on the move it is only the matter of seconds in front of it so surely it cant be that hard to follow useing scent ....we haave all seen all types of hunting dogs take a line on the surface that is hours old and surely the scent is very diluted ..... I personally dont think there is much of a differance of each terriers scenting capabilties
  10. I am going to stick my neck out here and will probably get shot down in flames but can only say it as ive seen it over the years .....imo I honestly dont think there is that much differance in each terriers scenting capabilities not when to ground anyway ...obviously some terriers have better noses than others but I think that all hunting types of dogs have good scent and in the confines of an earth even in big spots I think that the quarry is not found mainly by scent but a mixture of a lot of things .....I f another dog has been entered the earth before and lifted then another terrier has be
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