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  1. the only tit is you fella your al mouth told use pt your dog were your mouth is coz ( oves ) your a retard and try make your mouth go on comp your dog skinny as wel thats how you got your back up ha
  2. ha enemys the english are good at that ha got the dog nw dont need to listen 2 the english with there kid on skinny lurchers who dont feed them and are no use at useing the dog they use nets and protend there dog got them sados ha hope use injoy ur kid on hunting site > the real hunters dont need to cum on here ever day un like these english ha see yous later fellas
  3. haha thought use were al lurcher men al use do is kid on ur dogs can do this and al that when i came on lkn 4 a dog u daft c**ts if u think ur dogs any gd meet and we will see what ur dogs can do and cant
  4. use are al mouth bt thats english 4 u ha i c use r al pals on here coz its a kid on hunting sight 4 the kidden on hunters that use nets and take photos of there dogs nxt 2 the rabbits sad and use r extreme hunters get a grip ,,,,,, why dnt we start a new topic whos dog catches rabbits without useing nets and what retards use nets and put photos up 2 kid on there dog catches them ???? kid on hunters its great 2 see how sados whos on the site use say use r dog men use not got a clue
  5. lol i my carer let me bk ot ha hows al the english ppl that use the nets 2 catch rabbits and tk pic of the dog next 2 them as if its the dog cot them how sad is that sayn doing pest control ha there the pest that use nets coz they cant train a dog
  6. use r brillant i c use lk at a lot of shit dogs 2 even add shit pt ur dog were ur mouth is and let the dogs do the talking bt oves use nd shovels wel said use r english can only do half a job and need shovels 2 do rest oves ur dogs r monkeys that rr no use thats why lot of use steal them ha
  7. why do u need shovel must b a pathetic dog if cant do its self ha im at borders meet me if ur think ur dogs gd enuf >>>> looking thro some pic of ppl taken pic waE THERE DOG WAE RABBITS AS IF DOG GOT THEM WHEN ITS BEEN THE NETS AND CALLING THEM SELF EXTREME HUNTERS MRE LK EXTREME MORONES HAHA get rid of the nets and let ur dogs run 4 them use call ur self lurcher men let the dog do its job stead of nets
  8. i take it use r al use 2 getn ur dogs of the prodution line of hand cocks litters ha
  9. oves use have nt got a clue coz use r english ha by dog would run thro ur dog gareth rabbits r built bigger il meet u any day wae dogs my dogs would hump urs plus eat urs your we skint dog wouldnt stand a chance i fly solo coz only need me u daft c**t i dnt nd other ppl run a side my dog >>>> how do u get 2 photo bucket and that il show u my dog since oves garth hardly fds his coz its a skinnt rat ha i would lv 2 c that skint dog run after rabbit lol prob the only thing would catch no weight 4 anything else
  10. lol i c use have a shollow life and dnt get ot much if u dnt under stand txts writeing haha ...... its simply any 1 got a good deerhound bitch pup it doesnt matter what my strain is i kno what i need 2 put in my line and it would be helpfull if ppl mail who new how to bread dogs or keep there cheek to there selfs if i knew how 2 put pic up i would show u how a dog should look stead of a skint rat of a dog or even show a dog like that as a pic ???
  11. i c some 1 called gareth message this i was wondering if thats ur tan lurcher as it a bit on the skinny side sn mre rabbits way mre meet on them lol think u need to get a stirdyer dog than that [bANNED TEXT] u start sayn things ?
  12. haha 8 [bANNED TEXT] jst pt 4 as for 8 if u get it haha iv lost a few dogs inbetween bt thats the wae it goes
  13. lol my bitch is 7 nw and i dnt want 2 bread her she to old and she can wrk 4 the rest of her years my other bitch is 2 and 2 yound 2 bread coz my other dog from those 2 is a boy and hes a bull and il pt that 2 my friends bitch bt want deerhound , and nt always ptn ur bitch croos other dogs when u bread 4 a while u wil no u nd 2 bring new strain in thats what kps ur lines gd nt lk some ppl that use there dogs lk a production line and bread with anything , most ppl only pay 800 if u show ur deerhound bt they go lot cheaper than that bn doing the sport long enuf 2 know how rippn the piss and who
  14. lol thats true ask no q get told no lies lol mines r bulgreyhound salki deerhound very strong dogs jst nd a bitch deerhound 2 pt mre deerhound bk in them had my line 4 8 year and nd a gd bitch deerhound 2 strat wrkn a side my gd bitch so i can bring the pup deerhound on ,,, and am jst waitn on my patterdale bitch haven pups would swap pup 4 a pup if intrested??
  15. any 1 got gd deerhounds for sale not firsts cross grreyhound jst deerhound thanks
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