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  1. Okmay sound stupid but here goes so im guna rescale a knife with white corian (think thats how u spell it) whats the best way to finish it once its done or do I just shape it and leave it? Ie do u coat it with anything?
  2. fatjack

    Anybody Shoot Pfs?

    Alrite pal this mean u wanna sell it? If so how much? And I find pfs more accurate than a full size:)
  3. P.s. hope u get a few sales through it:)
  4. Just bought it and the spread looks great mate suprised me when I opened it I thought aye up I recognise those lol spot on mate:)
  5. fatjack

    Making First Longnet

    Ok cheers mite add it then thanks:)
  6. fatjack

    Making First Longnet

    Ah just seen sumat to do with stop the mesh chaffing so add heavy twine I was going to make the whole thing out of this spun poly so would I still need it or not bother??
  7. fatjack

    Making First Longnet

    Ok sounds stupid but wtf is that then??:/ lol
  8. fatjack

    Making First Longnet

    Hi all dont know if this has been asked before but I started making nets while ago and seem to be getting on ok but was thinkin about makin a short longnet for hedges etc.. but stuck for how many meshes deep to make it ie tall thanks jack
  9. fatjack

    Rspca To Day

    I had the feckers round for the past month on and off nosey cnut of a neibour complained about the dogs chickens and ferrets bloke came round whilst I was at work and said dogs look fine chickens look fine BUT....... the ferrets have pigeon carcus in the cage and shouldnt be fed on them should have cat food frckin prick who the hell doea he think he is there bloody carnivors lol he said all the do not mention when later in court bollocks so obv the mother panic'd and rang and told me I said tell him to feck off he came back again whilst I was at work and again snooped about lookin at the ferrets so I padlocked gate and he was round earlier said to the mother oh uve locked the gate she said yea and you shouldnt be on here should u haha prick soon scarperd:)
  10. fatjack

    What A Place For A Fight...

    Nah the staffs a bitch and labs a dog had his bollocks off lol
  11. fatjack

    What A Place For A Fight...

    Not a lurcher but my small staff picks a fight with the o8 year old lab and he nails her everytime last week he decided to put his cainine thru her cheek:/
  12. fatjack

    Whippet Pics

    Nice lookin dog tho
  13. fatjack

    Whippet Pics

    Looks a tiny dog or u have some monster moles there:p
  14. fatjack

    How I Used To Do It

    Or at the critical time of rollin a fag they always apear:(
  15. fatjack

    Uploading Pics Help

    Ok ta how do I get the direct link log thingy??:/ im a techno retard lol haha