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  1. Cheers NL always fancied the idea of bit terrier blood with the saluki I think it’s a good mix.
  2. How did you rate the little beddy whip grey x saluki grey I think it was, you had a few years back NL? I always loved the look of it. Think it was killed working?
  3. Nice that Larry. Handy colour for the cover work as well
  4. Dave sleight got one at open stud in back of EDRD
  5. AW it only really becomes a problem if you use a dog with a much larger head which could cause the bitch to have difficulty passing any pups through her hips. Size of the dog itself i.e. Height in a similar running dog breed won't do any harm.
  6. Yes mate all well here. Good luck with litter I see your young dog pup putting some gear to bed!
  7. Get gaffer over her Charlie
  8. Try bit cow Matt easier on there joints
  9. He don't miss much that's for sure
  10. Is that J's dog squirrel? Great finder of game him
  11. Rich mans war. Poor mans blood. Blair and his wife want stringing up
  12. Pups got some pace Trev. Your whippet the perfect dog for schooling him as well I bet.
  13. Cheers lads and lasses. Spoke to one of the top whippet men and he basically suggested a bit of all the above really. The main prob I had was how to remove anything that was still in the bed. I remembered me nan removing a splinter from my hand as a kid with a sugar and soap poultice. I used this and while it took a while to apply and then strap her feet up removed a lot of rubbish. TD suggested the best brush to use was a badger hair shaving brush (thanks grandad) I worked that in circular motion to free up the last of any dirt in the foot having bathed them in Epsom salts. Once clean i then applied surgical spirit to the bed which like fens said seems to have pulled any loose skin back tight and hardened the skin up around the nails. He then recommended using pettifers green oils on and around the nails now the inflammation has gone down and her feet are now back to normal. He said that I'll have this for her career to think about taping them and if not sometimes a bit Vaseline before lamping will help. Thanks for all the advice and PMs. Hurlock
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