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  1. Thinking of asking the wife to get me this for Xmas as she keeps asking what I want isit any good and hard wearing I no it's for fishing I'm not a fisherman but I thought it be good for ferreting general mooching with the dog lamping shooting ect anyone had or has one what's your view
  2. Really a few year back I was jogging a dog out and the local copper was driving down the land he just put his hand up as we past each other and carried on I always use the same single track back lane never a buisy road lucky to come across a car on the whole jog out
  3. Debated it a few times but it's to much effort
  4. Any one else do road work jogging next to the truck
  5. Photo from a month or so ago in alot better shape now
  6. Got this feller just turnt 2 just starting to get him back out
  7. His just gone 2 and his dad is a deerhound greyhound bull greyhound and mum is a bedlington whippet collie greyhound
  8. Didnt think about that will edit the pic then edit the post cheers
  9. 3/4 tonight quick 20 minutes walk round the block shame it wasn't 4 out of 4 but lost it in a wooded area but I'm pleased after the last 2 disasters 1st trip out 2 weeks ago to try and start getting some running fitness in he cut his pad open on some sheet metal in a cow Field 2nd trip on Thursday just gone once the pad had healed up killed 2 but he came back very stiff and saw all over took him all weekend to rest again so took him tonight it all whent well touch wood he don't wake up stiff again
  10. So charged by the hour what ever rate they want to charge at
  11. Trust me I never payed £26 a dvd f**k that they probably have a good income of the dvds but in this day and age this is just from me you need to earn etlest £500 a week plus to get by and have some savings after bills and luxurys how are they doing it ferreting and fox shooting they must be charging well
  12. I no there's been posts about him before but I've been watching alot of him films recently my question is the likes of the warrener and Simon whitehead ect their not hobby hunters like my self and many others it's their living now I no as well as you all do it's hard enough to get permission but these get payed for their services how do they get payed isit per animal caught per visit per day how dose it work and what's the going rate of pay just out of interest as its something I've had a few discussions about before and no one new the awnser
  13. Well I'll be looking around in the summer so I can bring it on next season
  14. That's the type of thing im after looks a nice animal I do lamp but I like going for a long mooch more these days my lurcher gose in the bushes but he is to big he be better of being on the out side of the hedge with a busher flushing them out
  15. I'm down it Kent its a mixture of everything really sheep / cow feilds with brmable hedge's to crop feilds to old over grown orchards
  16. Looking to get into bushing along side my lurcher for rabbits what's the best terrier or dog breed and also is one dog enough to use along side a lurcher to bolt to or kill in cover as I see alot of people have a few I've had running dogs for many years but never bushing dogs all advice welcome
  17. Yer he was fine I've got videos of him amongst sheep with lambs then a few months later he all sudden just went for them but most of the land round me are sheep so I need to sort it same with the recall was perfect then he started getting more and more ignorant I've done nothing diffent than any other dog with him and they've all been fine for recall and stock but this one his just coming on for 2 real good dog game as anything just so head strong
  18. Yes mine was good as gold with sheep up untill 12 month ISH then one day switched on them and I haven't trusted him since so I got it for that mainly but also for recall as he dose like to hunt up and wander off and then ignore when called also he can be a f*cker if he misses on the lamp I've never had a dog like it so head strong
  19. To the people inboxing me about what one it is and wear from its eBay and is this one
  20. Yep done that don't work only thing that dose is getting in the car and driving down the lane then he panicks and comes straight back he was pretty good up untill a few months then his all asudden gone throught a f*ck you stage but this collor works
  21. His 2 in a few months I did try all that but it's just got worse
  22. I've only used the shock twice rest of the time just the vibrate is good enought to correct him only used it 1st time today and he was fine on recall up untill about 3 months ago his started becoming ignorant when called not all the time but sometimes so I thought id give one of these ago seems to be doing the job so far
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